E-commerce Solution

E-commerce website is key to offering consistent and meaningful experiences to customers. The purpose of the e-commerce-based website is to provide a platform to user to purchase products online. It helps in focusing the targeted audience with great efficiency. Internet sales are increasing rapidly as consumers take advantage of:

How VertexPlus delivers business value

With VertexPlus E-Commerce solution effective ecommerce solution, you and your organization grow and scale easily to meet market demand as well as customer requirements by introducing different sales channels and reaching market segments. In B2B context too, our solution offers an excellent platform to organizations to launch their complete range of analytics campaign. The deployed web portal solution improves information sharing and collaboration within the client organization and helps in cost-effective development. The users can access the products online with customization feature, easily access a range of devices and improve interoperability. It is very easy to install and maintain. The solution is easy to install and maintain, is secure and adaptable to increased workload, and is scalable and flexible.

We offer “Web Based Solution” with following benefits to an organization:

Expand Market for Niche Products

Accessibility and Flexibility

Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility

Keep Eye on Consumers’ Buying Habit

Stay open 24*7/365

Boost Brand Awareness

Ability of Multi-site

Improved information sharing & collaboration within the client organization

Cost effective development

Easily Customizable

Accessible for a range of devices

Improved Interoperability

Easier installation & maintenance


Adaptable to increased Workload

Scalable & flexible

The key characteristics of our E-Commerce Solution are:

The system would be fully absorbed in a Web Based environment to offer dynamic propositions of interaction, sophisticated action-enabled components, attributes that enable the system operators to add, update, manage, search data, most dynamically.

The functionalities support the production of reports, data integration, new entry updates, calculation, disbursement and providing information to the system users. The user could be categorized by assigning different roles as Administrator, Standard User per Department, Restricted User, and Other Views as required.

The system offers a powerful security control and back-ups to deal with any contingencies that may occur. The system would have role-based login facility, constrained sharing policies, validation policies assigned vigilantly to different access options and reference parameters.

It’s highly congenial with the changing workforce requirements and dynamically deal with multiple entries.

All the reports can be exported in the various formats.

Basic Functionalities

The basic functionalities include developing a customized e-commerce management system which offers both public facing website and a powerful back-end Admin Panel. All the activities including product listing, Order Management, Product shipment will be managed by the Admin Panel. The Admin panel lets user manage:


Product Categories
and Sub categories






Deals and

Refer and


Filtering and


Product Listing and
Advance Search