A Complete Guide To Estimating Cost To Build An App In Singapore

Estimating mobile app development costs is a vast topic to discuss. For building an app estimation there are various aspects that need to be measured, such as the purpose of the app, the technology needed to build the app and more...

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Let's understand deeply as to what is behind the cost of developing an app in Singapore.

Comprehensive Reasons for Mobile App Development Cost

The Complexity of the Software:-

Speaking of the app development in Singapore, the complexity of the application is categorized into four sections.

Non-Complex Apps:-

The applications with limited screens, allowing users to share their content on social media, and generate a limited amount of analytical data. These types of apps do not support user profiles yet can be easily connected to API to retrieve data.

Development and Cost:- Some experts estimate that simple or non-complex apps can be built in 35-400 hours or so. And the cost to develop the app run between $59,000 to $239,000 (depends on the number of features).

Complex Apps:-

Complex apps irrespective of the non-complex ones need more attention and are designed to run on multiple devices easily. The user content shared can be viewed through any handheld device. This type of app can have 8-10 screens and require more than one API and make use of your location data.

Development and Cost:- Speaking of the development time, complex app development may take 70-490 hours or so. Whereas the cost for the development may range from $80,000 to $330,000 approx.

Enterprise-Based Apps:-

Enterprise based apps are generally huge with multiple pages to accomplish every need of the business. Developed by the potent and experienced developers, EBA is connected with multiple APIs. Enterprise apps can be used by moderate users as everyone is given the leverage to create their profiles, which are absolutely secure. 

Development and cost:- Proficient app development companies in Singapore take 140-800 hours for building the app. And the cost for the development requires $392,000 to $548,000 largely.

Gaming Application:-

These applications are designed for entertainment, which includes 3d acceleration used for seamless gaming. Gaming apps have a handful of pages that are connected with a server and multiple APIs to report data usage and analytics. 

Development and Cost:- These applications require at least 350-1600 hours of development time. And the cost to build a gaming app may cost $270,000-$833,000.

Just the size of the app or the level of complexity isn't the only reason that defines the cost of app development in Singapore. Let's quickly dive into some other aspects, which define the cost of the app.

Platforms Used for App Development

The technology stack for app development is one of the crucial aspects that define the cost of development. Thus the technology stack is defined in three categories- 

Native Apps:-

Native applications are developed for each platform, whether iOS, Android, or Windows, separately. Since their development is different for each platform, the cost and the development time is comparatively more than other technology stacks. 

For Android, the app is developed in Kotlin, whereas the iOS app is developed in Swift. The native app is generally developed for enterprises or large industries that are willing to pay for the best stability of the app. The native app development cost maybe $12,000 onwards.

Hybrid Apps:-

Unlike Native, Hybrid app development is more flexible and cost-effective. This is the apt technology stack for the growing businesses as they can quickly build and launch their app in a low budget.

You might not find the kind of stability and scalability as that of natives but is a considerable technology stack. The framework used for building Hybrid app development is Ionic and the cost for development is half of the native, which is $6,000.

Cross-Platform Apps:-

With a similar code style to Hybrids, Cross-platform apps are written once for Android as well as iOS. Cross-platform application frameworks use the native elements necessary for developing a mobile application. Those developing companies with a decent budget can consider cross-platform as it can save a big chunk of the cost.

The framework used for this technology stack is Flutter and React Native and the cost for developing apps for both Android and iOS may range from $10,000.

App Developing Team:-

With a local team for developing an app, you get a better experience than the off-shore ones. This gives the user to connect with the team in person and take updates to entrust that their project is in good hands. Using an in-house team from an industry-leading app development may range from $103,00 to $712,000.

Irrespective to on-premise, offshore or freelance teams may need constant governance. The team is comparatively small than the company team, thus the price will be competitive. Opting for an outsourced team for app development may range from $59,000 to $378,000, depending upon the kind of complexity your app needs.

Number & Complexity of Features:-

We know today's applications come with a myriad of features. Considering a simple app may cost you less, as mentioned above within the complex and non-complex apps. 

Yet, depending upon the number of features, you want to ingrain in your app will define the overall cost.

These high-level features may cost:

  • User Module - $3,000
  • Social Authentication - $1,000
  • GPS Functionality - $2000
  • Single Database CRUD - $3,000
  • Dual Database CRUD - $5,000
  • Multiple Database CRUD - $3,000/Database
  • Image Upload Functionality - $1,000
  • QR Code Scanner - $1,000
  • Chat Function - $2,000 

Design Complexity

UI/UX is one of the variables that define mobile app development costs. Cost varies from utilizing a full road map of UI/UX with complex designs for an outstanding view to only considering a user interface that looks good.

Admin Panel Robustness:-

The Admin panel comes with multiple variations. To simply understand, the cost of admin panel robustness depends upon the complexity of the control. For eg, controlled user information, database information, send notifications, and many more features may cost you more as compared to the basic panel features. 

Basic admin panel may include - simple content management, data analytics, and user management.

Complex Admin panel includes - Exporting CSV, workflow management, complex filters, sorting, send notifications.

Security Requirement:-

The most important factor for any application to scale is its security aspect. The application serving a bigger purpose, like large enterprise or government-related projects, require robust security. 

Extensive mobile app security protocol cost depends upon requirements, like penetration tests, data encryption, HTTP injection blocker, CSRF Token, & more.

Testing and Maintenance Support:-

Testing is the basic hierarchical step carried out by any mobile app development company This prevents bugs and fixing them during the developmental process. 

App Maintenance & support features include bug fixing, software updates, version upgrades, new device upgrades, & others. The cost of maintaining an app may be around $12,500 per month. The cost of support service is generally yearly based, which can be obtained from a dedicated company or team as per the budget.

In the Nutshell -

The mobile app development cost is variable as it entirely depends upon the client's requirement. The cost is effective with the number as well as the complexity of features you ingrain within it. It's substantial to consider mobile app development companies in Singapore in person for better assistance.

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