VertexPlus Warehouse Management Solution

The VertexPlus Warehouse Management Solution provides scalable WMS required by companies to manage operations, increase inventory controls, control costs and successfully manage the warehouse so that it continues to perform reliably and efficiently, being a tremendous asset to the company.

Within the walls of warehouse facilities, companies grapple with challenges such as rising costs, rapidly evolving technologies, shortages of skilled labor, demand-supply fluctuations, dried up budgets, out-of-scope timelines, legacy systems, proliferation of solution choices, redundant processes, product damages, inaccurate Pos, and so on

Effective WMS can be a game-changer when it comes to customer retention, inventory management and optimization, control operational costs and quicker throughput. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust WMS in place.

Other reasons:

How VertexPlus delivers business value

The VertexPlus Warehouse Management Solution supports clients across industries and provides services that address common and unique challenges and help adopt new technologies wherever necessary for WMS capabilities of the future.

The WMS features include:

VertexPlus Warehouse Management Solution

Product Category



Stock in: Bond to
Bond Transfer

Product Brand

Stock in Fresh Import and
Stock in B2B Transfer


Stock Out

Stock in

We deliver benefits by:

Considering different objectives – innovation through convergence of new-gen technologies vs regular legacy functions, business vs. operational metrics, profits vs cost savings, reduced need for excess functionalities vs whole breadth of functionalities, and a good strategic fit to the company needs.

We also help clients respond to rapid technological changes: