There are many arsenals where leading business places have changed themselves and turned themselves in for applications based on IT. These include the hospitals, government facilities and much more. It might be possible that they have been carved out of some technology that was a hot topic at that time. But when it comes to 10 years down the line, the same tech would have probably been outdated. During that time the organizations would have deployed the product or service in their firm but now it would be a waste of time and space. With time the complexity and problems have been just added which has lead companies to work into some new functionality and put in some innovation to get the best outcomes.

The challenges for software deployment project are:
  • Long time for planning and implementing new features
  • Indecisiveness among managers in categorizing tasks
  • End consumer priorities ignored
  • Difficult to bring in a uniform process in terms of complexity and priority
  • Not able to incorporate enough testing cycles
  • Using tools, Accelerators and Frameworks reduce development time
  • Effectively implementing agile processes and practices
  • Technical team that does periodic reviews and strategies to improve the code quality
  • Smaller focused teams for better productivity
  • Building domain capabilities for testing efficiency
  • Flexible and scalable engagement models

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