Server management include initial server setup tasks, service monitoring, regular server maintenance and security. Using a server management systems will be monitored for health and services on a regular basis without having to find and pay for full time employment of an onsite systems administrator. It happens that a well-managed serve helps you get more business and keeps you focused. The big IT firms often need help in managing the servers in a better way.

We at VertexPlus keep a track on three important things. They are:

The company providing the management service should have scalable servers.

They should also have a better way to prevent themselves from the hackers.

They should also be reliable enough.

We also have our experts ready to help you 24X7.

The server management services in VertexPlus include:

24x7x365 monitoring and server management

Server migration

The speedup data backup and recovery

Run the diagnosis for the problems

Tracks the performance management system

Disaster recovery

Reasons to choose our service are listed below:

We monitor the data constantly

We have certified IT professionals

We provide low cost server management services

We help our clients in increasing the performance management.

Enhance the security of the data on the server.

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