University E-Learning Solution

The University E-Learning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely online.

The University courses delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning, and many others. These courses are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching.

Sometimes courses is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture that has been prerecorded. There is always a teacher or professor interacting /communicating with students and grading student’s participation, assignments and tests

University E- Learning Solution is also an online software that is used to plan, deliver, publish, and place online courses in online portal. Students will login to the Software by using a browser. They can select courses from the online portal and begin their online study. Admin can assign courses to students based on their learning needs.

This software allows Admin to track course completions, current status, or performance of students. In fact, all students activities in the software can be tracked that could be useful for performance evaluation, competency management and other related functions.

The benefits include:

Reduces Learning and Development costs & time

Provides immediate training access

Lectures can be taken any number of time

Provides on-time delivery for new product training

Ease & Efficient access to updated content

Reduces delivery costs for each course and can train more employees

Multimedia learning


E - Learning

User Management

Tracking and


and Notifications


Role Management