Mobile Backup Solution

Users often invest significant time and effort creating an identity, adding data, and customizing settings and preferences within user’s app. Preserving this data and personalization for users when they upgrade to a new device or re-install app is an important part of ensuring a great user experience.

User can backup mobile data by using this software. The Backup data can be restored either to the source phone, or to another device. It is wise to create backups as often as possible, ideally before every large edit. Data loss, however improbable, would be most annoying. User can even make a backup of an offline device. Its image will be moved from the Offline Devices folder to the Backups folder.

User can preserve the data from being rewritten upon the next connection of the original device. User can also use this image to restore the original device afterwards and only the data present in the offline image can be backed up, which means that not all of the phone content would be necessarily saved.


Easy and fast deployment and administration

Reduce workload

Great security

Save money

Ease of access

Faster file recovery

More strategic


Backup Solution

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Scalable Management

Faster Recovery

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