Benchmarking is a process that involves stages of testing as to know that, is there any faster way to do the same task with complete efficiency. Usually benchmarking is an application that is used to measure the total number of features and then compare with the same application but different features. When we talk about development it means setting the timelines and the milestones for a project progress. This software helps in measuring the performance of every hardware as well as the software.

Generally, the benchmarking procedure consists of an approach that involves just 12 steps that are:
  • Selection of the Subject
  • Defining the
  • Identifying the
    capable partners
  • Identifying the sources of data
  • Select your partner and collect your data
  • Determination
    of the gap
  • Establishment of
    the differences in
  • Communication
  • Implementation
  • Targeting a performance
  • Adjustment of
    the goal
  • Recalibration and Reviewing
Data Discovery:

Data discovery should not be considered as a tool but a business oriented process that is used in detection of patterns and the other outliers either by navigating the completed data visually or by applying the advanced analytics. There is no need of any iterative process in the extensive model creation.

The three major properties under which Data discovery is clubbed are:
  • Preparation of the Data
  • Visual Analysis
  • Advanced analytics and its guide

Our experts say that Data Discovery requires skills in understanding all the data relationships and data modelling. The Data preparations and integrations help business users to connect to the external sources and the relevant enterprise. As collecting and storing data is becoming a lot complex, it is leading to innovating flexible functions and helping firms in preparing their data for all the insights and analysis procedures.

The frequently asked question by most of our clients is that why is DD making such a buzz in the market?

Data is being seen as a creator for the coming future. It is still of high importance in the firms and will stay likewise in the future as well. Nowadays people have a new data driven approach that is aiming beyond reporting and monitoring the performance of the organization.