Companies deal with the challenges of constantly working on their products to fit heterogeneous needs of the customers while keeping quality standards intact and cost changes insignificant. Iterative deployment is consistent product development process or an approach to break the development process in sub-process or sprints to adjust better to users’ requirements and behavior pattern. It eases up the work, minimizes the chances of making any errors and enables customer involvement in the development process and validation at every sub-process consequentially resulting customer-relevant product. Iterative deployment means incremental delivery. Consistent small changes help users to gradually adjust to new features and also gives insightful feedback on how the features are performing, how it is delivering rapid value to users and how the features could be adjusted based on user requirements and behavior.

Benefits of Iterative Deployment:
  • Reduced operating-time.
  • Delivery of operational product.
  • Easy management of iterations.
  • During iteration, risks being identified earlier.
  • Testing is being facilitated.
  • Project-scope changes can easily implemented.
  • Easy progress measurement.
  • Designing needs more time than documentation.
  • During early project life cycle, development of functional prototypes gets involved.
  • Early detection and correction of defects happen.

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