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The product catalog is a set of information about individual product. Products are specific versions or various configurations of an asset. Asset managers use the product catalog as a centralized repository for model information.

A product catalog is a supplement, or in some cases, a replacement for the traditional printed catalog where buyers can view a company’s entire product line, e-catalog websites do not have live shopping features. Typically, manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers are the type of businesses that can maximize the usage of an e-catalog. Once the buyers are interested in the products, they would use a contact form to express their interest to the company.

Customers can fill out a form on your website and you will then process the order offline. An e-catalog website allows you to showcase your products online with the option of hiding or revealing the price of the item. You can choose to display the features, specs, pictures, and even downloadable forms if needed.

A detailed and well-maintained product catalog can coordinate with service catalog, asset, procurement, request, contract, and vendor information.


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