We help clients remodel their technology landscape in sync with business strategies to help them peak productivity, performance, efficiency, with speed and flexibility by giving consulting across prepackaged applications from world’s leading software companies.

The decision for the implementation of the new business applications is the most important decision to make for an organization. Whether it is due to improve processes, to growth or to control cost. Oracle provides a strategic choice for the enterprises that need to run a global business.

VertxPlus has been delivering services related to Oracle enterprise application and helped many of clients experience great business through the Oracle enterprise applications. Our Oracle services include upgrades, integration & customization on the Oracle suite. VertexPlus empower organizations that have reached the breaking point through the implementation and use of Enterprise Applications.

  • Business agility increases
  • Improve performance of Application
  • Extend the value of your investment
  • Unify the enterprise operations
  • Business operations optimized with new products with new releases
  • Gain more business value
  • Downtime decrease
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Peace of mind
  • Latest technology for applications
  • Applications engineered for delivery on mobile technologies
  • Optimized application to run on Oracle components (Hardware, database & Middleware)
  • Applications will meet the future business goal
  • New functionality for business