E-Kiosk Application

When deciding on a technology for developing your kiosk application the kiosk functionality is also a major factor. The kiosk applications we develop tend to involve complex financial transactions with a need for high reliability and robust retry logic should the internet ever get flakey.

Our kiosk software development solutions include intuitive user interface/experience, remote management capabilities, branding management, visitor registration/management, onsite printing, and automated reports.

We develop kiosk applications for desktops and mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. We also perform data migration services to create interactive kiosks from existing websites.

Pros of developing your kiosk application as a website:

Quickly deploy updates to a centralized code-base. Deploying updates to your website is just a matter of updating the website on the server, rather than deploying updates to individual kiosks

As a shortcut you can reuse your existing website or just rework it to be more touch friendly

Basic website development typically has a shorter learning curve than Windows software

Sensitive information can be stored on the server and never redistributed to individual kiosks which could be compromised

Using frameworks like Angular, Knockout, etc., you don’t have to transfer any html per page, only data, which can make the website behave more like a native Windows application

Ticketing Kiosks

Improving ROI

Ticketing Kiosks are not new to the industry of self-service applications as most major transportation companies and entertainment ticket distributors already utilize this solution in one form or another. Most of the ROI benefits of ticketing kiosks come in measurable increments, while others are subtle benefits that still ultimately impact a company's bottom line.

Save on Employee Overhead Costs

One of the major benefits of self-service ticket kiosks is the overall reduction in cost per transaction. This is primarily due to the reduction in costs related to employees since less staff is needed.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Ticket Kiosks also help improve customer satisfaction by making transactions faster and more convenient. Monetary transactions are simplified as ticketing kiosks accept various payment methods including credit cards and cash. This also significantly reduces the time commitment for each transaction making it more efficient while preventing long congested lines.

Improve Access to Your Services

Installing ticketing kiosks on off-site locations can increase revenue by offering more distribution locations for customers to visit. This also contributes to lower infrastructure costs by making these transactions automated.

In addition, ticketing kiosks allow owners to easily and effectively communicate with their customer base through well-constructed applications.

These provide the ability to update content on special promotions, up-sell items and introduce new product or service offerings. Having the ability to communicate with customers’ increases revenue and the amount of sale per transaction.

Improve Efficiency

Ticket Kiosks also offer the security of knowing that there is no room for human error. The applications are completely accurate and eliminate the possibility of mistakes or miscalculations.