Project Requirements

The client owning a retail store required footfalls statistics, crowd detection, with 80% accuracy and 24x7 analytics.

Multiple options for authentic report generation would help the authorities in better decision making around day-to-day retail operations, improve strategic staff distribution, add value in terms of revenue and profit, retain existing customers, attract new customers, and serve them better

Manual counting or just a camera recording would neither serve the purpose, nor it is possible to yield reliable insights through voluminous raw data collection without an intelligent software to complement it with.

VertexPlus Solution

to Project Requirement

VertexPlus provided People Counting and Crowd Detection sub-modules, a part of Surveillance module from its portfolio of Video Analytics Services. The tool analyses all the video streams coming from various cameras installed at various locations of the store such as entrance/exit, parking lot, elevator/escalator, entry to different floors within the store, billing counter, and various strategic locations on every floor. This gives real time count and report for people crossing camera view for those areas.

Our tool has a simple, clean and easy interface with key features sufficing the requirements at ease, without overwhelming the users. The reporting features of our tool generates text reports, excel tables, graphs and charts based on userdriven inputs. The reports can be exported as JPEG images or PDF. The reports can also be set up for FTP uploads and as auto emailers to authorities and supervisors. This makes it easy for the reviewers to stay hands-on with insights they would need for decision-making in real-time.

The easy set-up process, initial guidance and prompt ongoing support on call and in-person, keeps our client quite satisfied with our solution and post-sales support.

Crowd Detection

More than 5 people seen at a specific section, shall alert authorities to depute extra manpower at that certain section. Monitoring a specific section getting more customers and sales helps allocating more resources and items to increase sales.

People Counting

Number of people visiting the store in a day, to know total visitors on daily/weekly and monthly basis.

“VertexPlus’ Video Analytics Tool has helped us in optimizing our retail processes: merchandising, marketing, advertising, and layout strategies. We could deploy our staff strategically, and not reduce losses, but also saw the opportunities to expand our business by increasing profits. We could satisfy our customers, strengthen customer retention rate and attract new customers. This business intelligence is so much required in these times.”

-- Owner, Retail Store

Benefits to the Client

through the Solution served

VertexPlus has provided a cognitive solution that does People Counting with more than 90% accuracy from large volume of data collected through cameras. The reviewing authorities started getting real-time population statistics with continuity, without having to rely on random samples of data that gives incomplete and unreliable insights to back on.

The client is satisfied with multiple authentic reports generated in a customized way, e.g., for various dates and times of the day. This helps the decision makers allocate right staff at right space on right time. They can notice common and unique trends, on the basis of which, they can identify gaps in retail activities and cue their strategies for business growth. They can either maintain a profitable status quo or take corrective measures, and even initiate opportunity-oriented actions. The solution assists them in making policy and pricing amendments, establishing correlation between customer dwell time at any product section and sales, optimizing store layout and marketing the space and products based on insightful reports.

The global video analytics market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% during the forecast period, to reach USD 14.9 billion by 2026 from USD 5.9 billion in 2021. Countries such as India and China are expected to offer huge opportunities for Video Analytics growth in coming years.

Source: MarketsandMarkets

The primary factors driving the global adoption of video analytics solutions are

  • Increased focus and investments of governing institutions on public safety
  • Need to utilize and examine unstructured video surveillance data in real time
  • Significant drop in crime rate due surveillance cameras
  • Growing need among enterprises to leverage BI and actionable insights for advanced operations
  • Limitation of manual video analysis
  • Government initiatives in adopting emerging technologies to enhance the public safety infrastructure
  • Reduced cost of video surveillance equipment
  • Long term ROI and demand for enhanced video surveillance
  • Presence of start-ups that offer innovative and cost-effective video analytics solutions, integrated with AI

India is the fastest growing country in Asia-Pacific region, by application in Intrusion Management, Incident Detection, Crowd Counting; and in verticals such as City Surveillance, Critical Infrastructure, Transportation and Logistics. The use cases of video analytics services across industries are limitless.

The retail industry is rapidly increasing the application of Video Analytics ecosystem in all possible work processes, thus leveraging opportunities and achieving ambitious aims:

Video analytics solutions are increasingly adopted among the enterprises and SMEs across various verticals including retail, BFSI, city surveillance, critical infrastructure, education, hospitality and entertainment, manufacturing, defense and border security, traffic management, transportation and logistics and others due to significant adoption of cloud services, edge-based analytics, server-based analytics, reduced storage infrastructure and security infrastructure.

  • Enhancing and expanding customer service capabilities
  • Automating supply chain planning and orders delivery
  • Reducing retail shrinkage
  • Refining the management of out-of-stock and over-stock
  • Enhancing demand forecasting
  • Monitoring customers’ behavior from their entry to exit
  • Forecasting consumer demand and supply inventory
  • Generating the most accurate pricing and purchasing recommendations based on AI that identifies the most popular products from specific consumer groups and offers options for changing the pricing policy
  • Generating profits even throughout the most critical situations, like during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Monitoring stocks and provide signals about replenishment needs
  • Comparing the faces of people with criminals, through facial recognition technology and warning security
  • Developing traffic flows
  • Optimizing display placement and floor planning
  • Improving strategic staff distribution
  • Drawing correlations within the dwell time and purchasing
  • Predicting products for individual shopping groups
  • Giving detailed demographic data with a detailed analysis of shopping habits that provides unlimited opportunities for stores to increase profits.
  • Helping in developing strategies to attract new customers by creating relevant advertising, promotions, and sales

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