An easy way of performing tasks efficiently is with AI - one of the best examples of the integrated process between digital content productions, network devices, cloud computing, robots and computer in various business processes and daily life operations. In this era, AI automationis making things so easy that the machines are made to perform operations without humans having to explain to them how a task can be accomplished.

Vertex Plusis enticing organizations across industries and specialties to experiment and implement AI initiative to modernize their products, services, systems and business processes.

Ranging from financial services sector to the public sector, cognitive technologies are being used in a wide array. In the Financial services the technology is used in securing the insurance and credit cards. In health Care the medical imaging and other transcriptions are done using the intelligent automation.

Research studies have established that the total global spending on AI focused software, services and hardware between 2017- 2021 will be approximately $200 billion across a wide array of sectors including banking, retail, manufacturing, and health care.

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