Our iOS application development is a long tradition of unparalleled creativity and innovation. With an expert iOS app development team we move with speed, agility and precision to design and make feature-rich, mobile-friendly and responsive design iOS apps. Our iOS apps are endowed with superior code that gives access to various libraries and tools using creative and user-friendly interfaces. We incorporate the best app development frameworks that utilize the latest app development techniques and approaches. We also ensure maximum app reliability and durability.

Our iOS and iPhone App Development Services

Our iOS and iPhone app development involves a rich collection of the best enterprise apps that are available for users and companies to adapt for their use. These apps avail a wide range of usability and above the highest access security protocols. These include among others:

iPhone App Development

Our iPhone app development is an ingenious matching of experience and fine craftsmanship. It is a zero error effort. We go deep into app practicality with new app testing techniques making the apps are bug-free, give spot-on high-performance on the latest mobile devices. Our iPhone app development is built to meet user goals emphasizing 100% client satisfaction with built-in user feedback for all finished projects.

iOS Application Development

Our iOS app development team has multiple talents in handling multi-task situations, making advanced algorithms, as well as crafting technical leads while making core applications.

iOS Application Testing

iOS apps demand the highest levels of precision. We ensure maximum quality assurance with both automated and manual testing tools. Our testing frameworks with best testing practices greatly empowers app performance.

iOS Application Maintenance and Support

iOS maintenance and support are to monitor apps, eliminate app downtime and increase their availability to clients. Our maintenance also ensures robust app lifetime service.

iOS Application Development Challenges

iOS application development is a painstaking effort of fine craftsmanship. But being enterprise apps it still involves and meets some app development challenges.

iOS Application Compatibility

In iOS application development it’s hard to know which iOS version supports the app. Since many Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, etc. are in the market. As a rule, every iOS app must be compatible with all Apple products.

Apple App Store Approval

There are millions of apps in the app stores and the apple app store. Apple app rules regularly change and familiarity with the latest updates is essential. Apple app store guidelines are important in iOS app development.

Adaptive and Interactive UX

iOS app performance is always affected by regular UX design changes. That is why, iOS apps must have a clear design and better UX. However, creating an interactive and adaptive user interface is always a challenge.

Our iOS Application Development Approach

As an enterprise app development specific app development processes are standard and followed. With a dynamically client-centric iOS app development approach, we ensure and help our clients build and strengthen their customer relationships while enhancing the quality of their service delivery mechanisms. Our iOS app development combines the finesse of secure app development formats and best of app design strategies. This systematically includes:

iOS App Development Initiation
iOS App Code Generation and Finalization
Specialized iOS Custom Development Process
User-Interface Design and Testing
App Store Submission and Optimization
iOS App Maintenance and Support

Our Happy Clients

"Great work and customer focused services. We are amazed by the performance of iPhone and Android application that VertexPlus has provided. They take care of the finest little details and delivered high-quality, business-oriented application for our business."

Dam Martin

"VertexPlus was extremely professional, responsive and flexible to all our project needs. They are indeed one of the best mobile application development teams we have worked with."

Harvey Paker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it true Apple apps are paid and others free to download?

iOS apps are built to run on specific and are only accessible via the apple store downloads with a mandatory subscription. This means they are meant to run on specific devices for a fee.

Both iOS and Android apps cater to distinctive market demographics and at various access levels. Depending on the market demographics importance and value can be attributed.

Since iOS app development follows and has its set of development protocols based on the same cost can be deduced and calculated.

iOS apps are subscription model based apps as an access or download fee is attached. Android apps on the other hand are free to download. So both apps run on distinctive platforms.

Depending on app complexity and features the app development process can be determined. However, iOS app development follows a set protocol that fulfills Apples rules.

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