Hybrid / Cross-platform apps entail apps whose core is coded using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web technologies and then encased in native applications. Hybrid-mobile apps are apps usually run within native applications with own embedded browsers. Plugins enable the apps full access to all device features. We specialize in cross-platform/hybrid app development with an expert team of experienced app developers. Our speciality as a premier digital innovator strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Our expert hybrid app development is known for attention to detail and perfect services that give clients superior experiences. Our services are geared to winning client trust while empowering them to make the right business app decision that helps them achieve their business goals.

Our Hybrid App Development Services

Cross-Platform Application Development

Clients have varied app needs, budgets and features. Our Cross-platform app development combines passion, practicality and adaptability in developing apps compatible with multiple OS platforms. Using expert app development tools with in-app recycling, app pre-code and convert them into the hybrid structure not only saves but also leads to perfect app development protocols. Besides being accountable, timely, flexible our easy to use technologies lead to seamless budget apps.

Hybrid/Cross-Platform Development

As a specialist in diverse hybrid app development, our IT experts are well-known for creativity. We ensure our hybrid app development gives 100% customer satisfaction. Our hybrid app development is perfection centric in giving better client experiences. We work to help clients build trust, make the right business decisions and achieve all their business goals.

Hybrid and App Development Challenges

API Compatibility
UI/UX App Testing
Hybrid Third-Party App Testing
OS Connectivity and Functionality
Hybrid App Automation and Functionality Testing

Our Hybrid and Cross-Platform Approach

Hybrid/cross-platform app development is a combination of several source codes for app development.

Base Code App Selection

Since Hybrid apps are platform-independent and significantly reduce app development time as one code base works on different platforms choosing the best codebase is essential. We ensure the best code base for easy app functionality across platforms.

App Code Generation and Development

Developed from HTML5, CSS and Javascript technology code base we develop hybrid / cross-platform apps for all platforms.

App Prototype Design and Testing
App Store Submission
App Support and Maintenance

Our Happy Clients

"Great work and customer focused services. We are amazed by the performance of iPhone and Android application that VertexPlus has provided. They take care of the finest little details and delivered high-quality, business-oriented application for our business."

Dam Martin

"VertexPlus was extremely professional, responsive and flexible to all our project needs. They are indeed one of the best mobile application development teams we have worked with."

Harvey Paker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Hybrid and Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-Platform app development is using HTML and CSS components and cross-platform frameworks. This develops fast and better app development adaptable to different platforms. Hybrid app development allows the development of applications from a single codebase for various platforms like android, iOS.

Hybrid app development allows the development of applications from a single codebase for various platforms like android, iOS. iOS app development runs on a specific platform.

There are diverse benefits of hybrid app development like multi-platform use, lower cost of app development, larger target audience, high-speed performance, interactive UI and many short and long term costs of operability.

Hybrid apps are among the most affordable to develop and launch. However, depending on client specific requirements cost can be estimated.

Just like two shoe pairs from different brands likewise hybrid and cross-platform app development provide the same service. They provide apps on two different platforms but serving the same purpose of app development.

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Our dedicated and professionally skilled team works relentlessly to ensure error-free and timely delivery of solutions to our clients.


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Why Choose VertexPlus ?