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Web Solutions

While framing web solutions for you we focus on three factors; innovation, association and integration of latest technological entities with your business logic properly aligned with design possibilities.

Our web solutions are precisely referred to your need which makes them a good worth for the solution seekers and uniquely qualified solution for our ever growing web portfolio. We operate on highly versatile web framework and stick to standards while offering you web development, designing and online marketing services. Our highly stimulating web solutions include Web Application development, Website development, CMS development, Open Source etc.


Web Applications Development

Web application development is our domain of expertise. We know what exactly it takes to optimize web application engineering.

With our expert resources and state-of-art development infrastructure we establish prominent methods to carve resourceful web application solutions across different business verticals.

To ensure you get the best-fit for your business we emphasize on the overall implication and consider the periphery you operate within.

While framing web applications for your business we significantly follow:
  • Meticulous planning to integrate media & business objectives
  • Contemplating your users' demographics and its drivers
  • Strictly adhere to applicability standards and optimum approaches
  • Brand enhancement with creative inputs and precise arrangements
  • Best arrangements for content and online component support
  • Closely monitor metrics & analyze the entire system
  • Media installing and enablement (marketing, technical innovation, support etc.)


Website Development

Web development solutions are most vast and impactful term significant to the domain of IT. It includes all web based services from establishing conceptual framework, drawing inferential backdrop, web interfaces, programmed system architecture, web services, and system support to database management.

What all these results into are the necessary web products (include mobile and smart phone dimension) that provides solutions for internet applications, electronic businesses, web content development, social network services, network security and more to provide a full-fledged platform for users to operate on for different needs and facilitate them with automated business solutions. Our extremely prolific web development solutions can be enumerated as E commerce website development, Web Portal development and Ecommerce shopping cart.


CMS Development

CMS (Content Management system) is an integral part of a web application. With CMS you can get accorded to your web information seamlessly. It would help you to update, edit, delete, add and change your web information as and when you need, by yourself most easily.

To each and every business relies on dynamic web and its interactive modules which call for dynamic user interaction and activities. With a well collaborated content management system integrated with your web application you can manage and update your blogs, polls, articles, surveys, social networks and other functional modules most easily.

Our expert team of developers can provide you with excellent CMS development services which are powered to offer you easy management of your content.

It would help you in excelling in different areas like contacts management, lead tracking, dashboard charting, RSS syndication, opportunity management, Email processing, project management, marketing campaigns or case management, CRM development solutions, enabling you to build meaningful and significant relationships with customers. The application is designed to co-ordinate all elements of your business including inventory, pricing, sales, marketing, vendors, customer service, invoicing and many more.

Our proficient CMS designs help you not only publish your content but to cope with a huge data inflow in various forms and formats. We emphasize on providing you with a platform where you can behave dynamically using the CMS platform. It would facilitate you in web based publishing, revision control, indexing, content retrieving, content searching, and many other activities helping you in every possible way to manage your web content.


Our services range in:



Key features of our Content Management System:
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Thoroughly user friendly
  • Add, edit, delete pages
  • No external software required
  • Backend administration with login and password
  • User and group management
  • Group-based permission system
  • Access CMS from anywhere with a normal internet connection


Open Source

We keep adopting better ways to offer you most cost-effective solutions. We have a good understanding of open source and our knowledgeable and prolific resources make it even more assertive and result-fetching.

We have a team of experts to provide you with quick solutions in affordable rate. Open source, as we know is highly used these days because of its multiple platform compatibility and because of its affordability. We provide open source web solutions keeping these two points at utmost priority and try to leverage more on them.

The cost savings derived using Open Source based development approaches are:
  • It is safe by design
  • It is designed to inner work - published interfaces and no hidden code
  • No forced change - it is written to ensure backwards compatibility
  • Low cost or free license fees
  • It is free from vendor lock in and vendor whip

Our range of expertise in open source solutions is vast and we provide most comprehensive solutions for customized needs and off-the-shelf packages and our open source projects range across various industrial domain.

We like to work in a dynamic and challenging work environment and reassuring our capabilities from time to time. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to prove our expertise in the domain.

We have provided solutions for travels, social networking, news and media, business applications, content management, classifieds, CRM, hospitality, real estate and a whole lot more.


Few of the open sources we are expert at:

zen cart