Project Management System

Project Management Solutions helps businesses manage simple and complex projects. It enables users assign projects, track milestones and issues, collaborate with project team via chat, share documents, integrate with other applications, monitor progress and billable hours.

The PMS solution goes beyond simple planning; it covers all phases of a project as well as the management of all the documents related to a project. PMS coordinates projects through logical and chronological segmentation. With PMS, you get a complete project portfolio and project management solution that will connect the various departments within your organization, facilitate communication, and ensure uniformity of enterprise processes and workflows.

Each feature of PMS, from selecting the project to planning, staffing, executing and tracking reflects our years of experience and knowledge in project management and our dedication to helping you succeed. PMS provides the tools necessary for organizations to ensure their projects are in line with the company’s strategic objectives as well as the functions required to track, manage and manipulate their projects from a high level. Using the PMS tools, project managers will be able to maintain a constant eye over the progress of their projects and efficiently plan and track their completion.

Milestones, task lists, and tasks help organize complex projects into easily manageable units. With the milestones feature, you make your projects take shape by assigning end dates for the milestones and due dates for the tasks within them. You decide when you want every detail to be completed so you manage your project, rather than your project managing you. It provides more refined control with subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies. In addition, it involves log issues and track them as they get fixed and tested and define custom workflows and business rules.

Our PMS benefits include:

Installable at client’s environment

User Friendly GUI

Easily Scalable & Customizable

Notification and Alerts

Integrated Security & Reliability

Integration with Email server

Powerful Reporting & Analysis

Maintain Rate Parity with Ease

Optimized Decision Making

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Efficient Management of Project Pipeline

Centralized Project Reporting



Build in Advanced Technology
of Microsoft Framework 4.5

Project Portfolio

Resource Management
(Task Delegation)


Scheduling and
Time Management

Time and
Expense Tracking


Invoicing and
Supplier Payments


Dashboards and

Email configuration

Management System

Web Based