VertexPlus empowers their clients to showcase the complex information by communicating the key aspects in a visual and a better intuitive way that will enable the intelligence. But this process includes the data collection and interpreting it into a solution with the help of visualization tools and business discovery. Most of the time and effort in the BI is wasted in plumbing the data whereas the other 20 percent is spent on analyzing the complete data and creating the report. But in both the cases firms are exploring and interacting with the data and losing all the precious time.

The most important thing in the market is time. We tend to get inclined towards the tricks and ways by which we can save time. Though many organizations still work in the old fashioned way where they use the top to down approach and lose a lot of time. This approach results in missing out speed-to-market and time-to-value.

VertexPlus has effectively used the business discovery and visualization of data to enrich the existing information about the work and the capabilities of an organization.
  • How do you convert the deluge of disconnected data into insightful information that works effectively for you? Increasing competition, need for better customer service and a faster pace of business are demanding unprecedented agility from insurance companies. Prioritizing data and making it available in real time as actionable intelligence that drives agile business decision-making is critical.
  • 80% of an insurer’s of an insurer’s business intelligence (BI) effort is focused on making information available to decision-makers whereas only 20% goes into speed and form. The result is reactive decisions that leave the company 'flat-footed.' You need innovative solutions to analyze data and respond proactively, as a result – anticipate customer requirements and create whole new opportunities.