Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring and alerting has become a very important component of the firm. It helps in making the organization a safe environment to work. Be it a small business or a big one, you need to keep an eye constantly on the environment of the business. This helps you in adjusting according to the changes that occur on day to day basis. It also helps the organization to know about the things that are required for getting the best out of their resources. One of the best things about monitoring your workplace is that it helps you get a better output than before.

Alerting is the reactive component of a monitoring system that achieves actions based on variations in metric values. The main purpose of alerting is still to bring attention on the current status of your systems.


For every company protecting their online portals is one of the basic and the most important responsibilities. Be it any engineering or administrating firm. So to help your firm evade from problems like these, you need to rigorously monitor not just the in-house environment but also the bandwidths, latency, traffic and other components of the office. Even for the IT professionals, proactively tackling the outages is a very big problem. It includes, identification, analyzing and fixing the problem. If any of these problems stand in your way, there is obviously going to be a lot of frustration and loss of business. It will also be difficult for a company to keep up with the profit charts and productivity. There are a few things that cause network outages, and they are as follow:

The first and the most common problem in this regards is the network management system. If there is a mistake in the network management, it will directly affect the performance of the complete network. And even the professionals like the ones in Vertexplus keep a backup for themselves as sometimes it becomes really difficult for them to get everything right and on track.

Sometimes the network outages can also cause a lot of problem in monitoring as well as alerting the working panels in the firm.


With a lot of advantages in their bag, monitoring and alerting has also been a vital part of the organization in keeping a tight security. Listed below are few important benefits of network monitoring.

With a better monitoring and alerting system an organization always stays ahead of outages. They do not fall for the human error, configuration issues, or any other major and minor environmental changes in the firm. The network monitoring is one of the most basic and simple ways to prevent these problems. It also keeps the firms ahead of the critical problems in the first place.

In every situation we need to be clear about this aspect that time is money. Whenever a firm sees a downtime, they lose a lot of money. Whereas constantly monitoring the networks solves the problem to a very great extent. It also gives the solution to every problem easily and faster. Be it a monitoring software malfunction, configuration error or any traffic fluctuation, it defends and eliminated these problems, once and for all.

The IT teams of Vertexplus has always been tackling complex projects, heavy workloads, efficiently keeping in mind the budget as well as the time. This can be a very big factor in gaining an immediate ROI.

There is a big hand of IT in changing the face and state of technology. With growing technologies and changing networks, you need to keep everything secure and in a great shape. This can only be possible with continuous monitoring and alerting.

What Does Monitoring Comprise Of?

If an IT firm wants to get the most out of the monitoring and alerting technologies they need to fix a few things and imply a few in their firm.

There should be a complete list of all the products and inventories in network. This will help in monitoring it better and regularly.

Also keep a good check on the devices which are important in respect of performing the tasks of monitoring.

Features Of A Good Monitoring Software

Listed below are the key characteristics of good monitoring software:

It helps in real time monitoring

It also helps in getting a visual mapping of the organization, live.

It helps in controlling the flow base technology.

There are various reporting tools that would be helpful.