Internet of Things

IoT has opened doors to a virtual world of immense opportunities that can change a lot in corporate as well as our personal lives. The approach is designed exclusively to the emergence of Internet of Things network that can assure benefits and an efficient system.

Internet of Things or IoT is a computing concept described as a giant network of physical objects that feature internet connectivity. It is an emerging technology that connects devices such as cell phones, tablets, coffee machine, washing machines, headphones, home theatre, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything with internet accessibility. Today, the internet has become widely available across the world and more devices are created with Wi-Fi capabilities and inbuilt sensors.

According to a research, it is estimated that by the year 2020, more than 3.8 billion connecting things will be running including smart cars, wearable devices, industrial robots, health monitors, trains, even coffee makers. Also, multiple research estimate that more than 25 billion smart devices will be transmitting information to us, to the cloud server and to each other. This trending concept is also called the network of connected "things", which is useful for human beings, the relationship between human beings, human & things, and things & things.

Advantages of IoT

  • Monitoring overall business processes

  • Improve customer/user experience

  • Time and cost efficient

  • Enhance employee and organizational productivity

  • Integrate and adapt business models

  • Suitable business decisions

  • Generate revenue

IoT encourages companies to reconsider the ways they approach their businesses, industries and markets and equips them with appropriate tools to expand their business strategies. It can be applied in various sectors like transportation networks, health care, education and IT which can help us increase productivity and improve efficiency. Industries are well aware of the reality that the internet of things (IoT) is a powerful technology that can really optimize various business process, along with ensuring safety and security. However, costs implementation and cybersecurity vulnerabilities are still some of the concerns that business is focusing on. IoT is making us understand how we work and live because the "Internet of things" is becoming a progressive and developing a topic of conversation at the workplace and everywhere else.

How IoT works

The IoT system comprises of four distinct components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface.


First, sensors or devices are used to collect information from their database or environment.


The collected data or information is then sent to the cloud server.

Using the network connectivity, the sensors/devices can connect to the cloud server with a variety of methods such as cellular network, satellite, bluetooth, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), or any network that connects you to the internet via Ethernet.

Data Processing

A specific software runs a processing program once the data or information is sent to the cloud.

User Interface

The processed information is sent to the end-user via an alert such as email, text, notification, etc.

Challenges associated with IoT

Customer expectations

Appropriate execution of IoT implementation helps to understand how solutions can impact efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity in the long run. The availability of IoT has completely changed the way how consumers shop and purchase. It has also turned the customer’s focus from standardized, mass-produced goods to customized products and services. It has been estimated that by the year 2020, customers will have higher expectations looking forward to indulging themselves in doing business with an innovative or forward-thinking company.

Data Connectivity issues

The most significant challenge of IoT occurs while connecting several devices. As most IoT gateways are compatible with GPRS and Wi-Fi/LAN whereas legacy devices require PLCs, RTUs and telemetry systems to generate data, there is a clear requirement of a suitable edge layer that translates transport and data format protocols to send information to the IoT platform.

Security concerns

Initially, IoT was introduced as a hyper-secure network suitable for storing and transmitting information securely. Even though it is a more secure process than the average internet or LAN connection, however, it’s also not exactly a shield or a bulletproof shell. With so many incidents of data breach incidents reported recently, enterprises and customers are more concerned about their data security. Therefore, IoT service providers ensure that their customer’s data is safe and is taken care of with the help of a comprehensive governance mode, which provides secure access to sensitive reports and data.

Hardware compatibility

Technologies require additional software and hardware in order to establish communication amongst various devices which poses serious challenges. Unavailability of standardized protocols and varieties in operating systems among IoT devices are some of the compatibility issues. Devices working on these technologies need to be updated or else it will become outdated. Therefore, identifying the hardware requirement and understanding its compatibility issues before the implementation of IoT is highly recommended.

Analysis and actions

The analysis is based on cognitive models and technologies. The intelligent action incorporated in IoT are based on certain parameters, some of them have lesser device cost, enhanced functionality of a device, the machine-human actions through deep learning tools, usual machine’s action scenarios, information security & privacy.

IoT Applications

Smart Home

Clearly stands out from the rest as it ranks as the highest Internet of Things application on all measures. More than 80,000 people look for the term “Smart Home” each month, as per the survey, including home appliances that can control lights, temperature, sense human presence, etc.


Sensors are installed in such devices, which are designed by a software program that collects data and information about the user including devices such as Apple iWatch, fitness band, and health monitors.

Connected cars

A vehicle or an automotive digital technology has focused on optimizing its own operations by maintaining the comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity. Brands like BMW, Apple, Google, and Tesla are already working on bringing the next revolution connected cars in automobiles.

Smart Cities

An essential application of IoT in case of smart cities is for traffic management, water supply, security and environmental monitoring. This solution expects to solve traffic congestion problems, reduce noise pollution and help make cities smarter.

Energy Management

It is highly reliable and becoming very popular all over the world. The basic idea is to collect and analyze the data which will improve efficiency as well as economic use of electricity. There are many smart lighting and lighting control applications available to manage energy consumption.

IoT in Healthcare

This solution lets medical experts to access patient’s condition or advice required procedures remotely. The concept and smart medical devices focus on boosting patient engagement and satisfaction by enabling patients to spend more time interacting with their doctors.

IoT in Agriculture

Government is helping farmers to focus on smart farming using advanced technology and research to increase food production. Farming and agriculture can also use IoT for integration and monitoring management.

How can VertexPlus help?

IoT consultancy

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most disruptive forces to shape the future of businesses. The economy of interconnected things are tracking, sensing, measuring and driving the opportunities and decisions. In addition, an IoT experience is also playing an important role in turning this disruption into the great business transformation.

The investment in IoT done by your business requires experts that can promise & deliver the positive transformation to your business and help in the growth of new opportunities for your business. This is where our IoT consulting service come into the frame. As IoT consulting firm, we help you to strategize your business path where your business should acquire the long-term advantages and benefits of IoT capabilities.

Engineering Services

With every potential need that grows in the society, we face a problem first. Problem analysis leads to the representation of possible solutions for it. Same happens in the case of IoT. This technology gives the power to everybody to exchange information and insight in the real-time whenever connected. Now as an organization the need for engineering support is raised when people start to reorient their business models so that they could realize the potential of this tool and hence, emerges the need for an engineering support role from VertexPlus.

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Why Choose VertexPlus ?

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