Data Maturity Consulting assists organizations to evaluate themselves against best practices, identify gaps, and improve creations and management of data assets various lines and boundaries of businesses. VertexPlus’ Consultants helps an organization determine capabilities they need to create a comprehensive enterprise scale data architecture, one that is competent to augment the performance levels of its data management processes, data governance and gives reliable data to build insights upon.

We help companies assess their Data Maturity Model, build the right foundation and suggesting strategic roadmaps to position data as a critical part of the organization. Data science is still a toddling industry, and while some organizations are making investments in this area having a good understanding of how to leverage data for business growth, most are still at low levels of data maturity, grappling with challenges such as having no analytic environment, loose data architecture, weak data governance and less understanding of levelling up data management for future. Our Data & Analytics consulting practices lends reviews and recommendations to help organizations avoid the pains of adopting BI ecosystem, BI & Data operating models, data governance policies and procedures, building and scaling data platforms, new data strategies and long-term visionary plans across people, processes and technology.

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