Online Examination System

With the development of the Internet technology, online examination has become more popular since it helps people save much energy and time. As an efficient and effective way of teaching and learning, online examination can prevent errors, biases, cheating and ensure the fairness of the examination results.

The online Examination System evaluates candidates’ performances thoroughly, fault-free and efficiently via a fully automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results. The major advantage is that the examination can be conducted for remote candidates and evaluation of answers will be automated for multiple choice questions and other essay type questions can be evaluated manually depending upon the client requirements.

How VertexPlus delivers business value

The VertexPlus Online Examination System is a highly Scalable and Secure Engine, White Labeled and Customizable. The system helps address the challenges of conventional examination system and caters to online examination management requirements from planning to evaluation process.

The benefits provided by the system include:

Security and Confidentiality

Accessibility and Flexibility

Advanced Time Management

Statistical Analysis

On Screen Questionnaire

Easily accessible 24/7 over the open test period

Smooth Evaluation and Progress Tracking

Defined Online Exam with Specific Pattern

Exam Analytics and Result Processing

The salient features of our Online Examination System are:



End-to end

Question Bank

Import & Export

Test Result Management
(score cards)

Collaboration, Roles &
Permissions Management


Organization & User

Badges and Awards

Random Selection of
Pages & Questions

Course Catalogue


Graph Generatio
on dashboards

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