Video Analytics

Video Analytics is gaining lot of ground in both public and private sectors to protect people and assets against harm, working on concepts of motion detection and pattern recognition. Enabling systems with Video Analytics essentially means making video surveillance systems smarter, more accurate, and more manageable for systems and users so that malicious activities are accounted for and evaluated before this result in some form of damage. Besides benefitting surveillance operations, Video Analytics is also gaining momentum in retail businesses for market analysis by creating datasets on varied parameters including footfall count, gender count, display effectiveness, trend analysis, etc.

Unlike the challenges associated with controlling and managing video surveillance system which largely fall short on resources, often jeopardizing the security needs, Video Analytics generate detailed and sophisticated algorithms to examine large volume of digital video feeds, missing nothing, and transforming them into intelligent data that aids in decision making.

Why any business need Video Analytics:

Improve Employee Productivity

Resolve Conflicts

Theft Reduction

Better Experience

Real Time Monitoring

Improved Safety

Digital Storage

Helpful Evidence

Access Control

Business Savings

What does it offer

Video Motion Detection

detects motion, filtering out noise such as
lighting changes and tree/animal movements.

Camera Tamper Detection

detects tamper and blocking
attempt of the camera.

Intrusion Detection

automated perimeter
monitoring and area

Line Crossing

detects object crosses
the defined line.

Object Left

detects object left unattended.

Object Removed

detect when specific objects have been removed
from sight.

Wrong Direction

detect when person move in
wrong direction.

Person Running

detects running person.

Video Counter

counts people, vehicles
and objects.

Our Video Analytics Solution provides the user a highly reliable, truly versatile, scalable, unified, enterprise-class video analytics and management suite, adaptable to diverse scenarios, environmental & operational challenges. By employing this solution, an organization can make optimal use of their surveillance systems and allocate their time and attention in a more effective manner, thus increasing the return on investment in the surveillance system, as well as improving overall security, safety, and business operations.

Our video content analysis software development teams are equipped with world's latest academic research works on video analytics to take advantage of the latest knowledge, methods, and concepts. Optimization of deep learning, neural networks, and computer processing, artificial intelligence are the core of our solution.

Our Offerings

Store and Replay Video


System is capable of recording all live video
for future use/analysis.


Tool is capable of storing the recorded video for a
defined period.

Object Detection & Counting


Tool is capable of defined object counting.


Counting are available inreal-time.


Tool has ML model to train the system for
object detection.


Accuracy level is based on training data provided to
the system

Crowd Detection


Tool is capable of accepting dynamic configuration
for defining crowd.


It records crowd detection and generates warning
in real-time


Future plan to show Cloud Heatmap

Tamper Detection

Tool is capable of detecting following Camera tampering:

Trip-wiring of Camera.


Blocking of Camera by paper, cloth or any
other object.


Moving Camera focus away from defined position.

Intrusion detection

Tool is capable of detecting following Intrusions:

Wall / Boundary Breach - Wall / Boundary


Wall / Boundary Breach - Person Jumping


Wall / Boundary Breach - Person walking on
wall / Boundary.


Virtual Line Breach – Person crossing a virtual
line drawn on camera.

Face Detection

Tool is capable of detecting following Intrusions:

Tool is capable of detecting predefined face.


Tool is capable of capturing face in real-time and identify the person in future (training needed through built-in ML module).

Mask Detection


Tool is capable of detecting face without mask.


ToolIt generates real-time warning when
face without mask is detected.


Tool has Dashboard to present following data in graphical format:

Person Coming-in count


Person Going-out count


Crowd detection count


Camera trapping count


Intrusion count

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