Database management system can manage the input, keep it organized and can be fetched and modified by the end user and other system. DBMS ensure the data should be organized, easily accessible. The DBMS is also a centralized way of representing data that can be accessed by multiple users from different location in controlled manner. As everyone knows that how it is very much important to manage data securely.

Why we need DBMS?
  • A DBMS Is Better Than Manual Processes
  • Automation Is the Key to Efficiency
  • We Are Easily Overwhelmed With Information
  • Saving Money
Key features of Database Management System:
  • Permanent Storage of data
  • High level of Data Security
  • Anyone can access it
  • Save Cost and storage
  • Backup and Recovery
  • All kind of data can be stored
Types of Database Management System:
Relational Database Management System:

This DBMS associate to use data which generally stored in tables.

Flat file based Database Management System:

This DBMS associate to data that can be read by the human stored in the file or in binary format.

Hierarchical Database Management System:

This DBMS associate to data stored in hierarchical manner as parent and child format.

Network Database Management System:

This DBMS associate to data stored multiple records or files linked to multiple owner files.

Object Oriented Database management System:

This DBMS associate to data work of programms that are Object Oriented.

  • Improve Data security
  • Effective data integration
  • Minimize Data inconsistency
  • Better access to data
  • Increase in productivity

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