The intelligent insight’s function of the BI uses the pre-installed intelligence to continuously monitor all the data used through AI. It also detects all the disruptive events that can cause a performance glitch or poor performance. The first and the foremost step to find the glitch is to take up a complete assessment that will help the company to generate the detailed analysis of the work. Once this step is carried forward the assessment is done which helps in diagnosing the logs with the help of AI.

But the big fish here is the question, what can Intelligent Insight do for us? Intelligent Insights helps in providing the following values:
  • Complete proactive monitoring.
  • Looking into the performance insights
  • If there is any degradation, then the early detection of database is required.
  • Detection of the root cause is found.
  • All the recommended improvements of performance
  • Then eliminating the problems step by step

Now once we are through with the above question. Next big thing is how does it work?

The Intelligent Insights analyze the database performance by simply comparing the workload of the previous working hours with the workload of the past week’s baseline. The Intelligent Insights are independent of the workload baseline and they monitor the absolute operational issues.