Conference Hall Reservation System

CHRS is a fully integrated web-based solution for the management of conference hall for reservation. CHRS is a tool designed to streamline the facility reservation processes for both facility users and managers. The system turns complex reservation tasks into piece of a cake. With many customizable options it become indispensable for Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd.

Hall Reservation Challenges


Wasted time


Scheduling errors


Damage to employee morale and client




Inefficient use of meeting rooms and resources


Risk of Double Booking


The central feature of the technology is its integration with calendars and easy scheduling interface

Synchronized scheduling system that has ability to track company space use and behaviors

User & Venue Management functionality on the backend

Feature-rich, yet elegant

Offers a fast booking experience for users & Save Time

Automatic handling of cancellations

Prevent errors

Monitor meeting room usage

Streamline visitor management

The ability to change space details remotely

Secure payments to expedite the process even further

Maximize workflow and space utilization and reduce employee frustration.


Hall Reservation

Capable of managing a range of requests
from the clients for reservations

Reports &

A wide variety of reports
which can be exported

Integrate with Google Calendar,
Outlook and Apple Calendar

Billing generations
as per booking

Track usage with audit
trails and reports

and secure

Manage and
show availability

Vouchers &

Email & SMS

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