The list of Open-source Robotic Process Automation Tools

Find out the list of best robotic process automation software and compare which one is best for your business needs. Here we mentioned top 10 tools for you.

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Increasingly, today automation has crept in almost all areas of conducting business and professional life. Be it from doing the very basic tasks to the most advanced and difficult robotic process automation (RPA) is an intriguing reality. It presents several benefits and advantages across industry, profession, or organization. Where previously several hours are wasted in doing manual tasks that affect overall productivity and eventually turnover.

Open source RPA tools mean source code is changeable and modifiable to suit organization automation needs. Besides, they avail faster doing of processes/tasks in businesses and organizations that automate as they quicken productivity. So what are the top 10 major open-source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools in the market today?

Top 10 Major Open Source Robotic Process Automation Tools (Software)

1. BluePrism


Blue Prism RPA tools help business operations to be more agile and cost-effective through automated, manual, rule-based back-office tasks. It avails flow charts like the designer with drag and drops feature to automate various business processes.


  • Easily implementation with a short period of 4 to 6 weeks.
  • The robust and feature-rich analytics suite.
  • The tool doesn't require programming skills to implement.
  • Build highly efficient and automated end-to-end business processes.
  • Improved Control Room to offer real-time feedback.

2. Open Connect

Open Connect

Automatically discovers, automates, and improves service processes as well as optimizes workforce productivity. It aids businesses in addressing all forms of operational and competitive challenges.


  • It is entirely server-based architecture.
  • Allows dashboard views with real-time status
  • It offers centralized governance.
  • It is highly secure, encrypted data.
  • It is equipped with advanced connectivity capability.

3. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

An RPA tool that combines conventional RPA tasks with intellectual elements and creates an amazing delivering ingenious tasks easily like language interpretation as well as bringing meaning/logic to unstructured data


  • intelligent automation solutions for businesses and IT firms.
  • Adapts SMART automation technology.
  • Easily automates complicated and difficult tasks.
  • Eases tasks by multiple distributions of work to different systems.
  • Ingenuously carries out paperless work/automation.

4. WorkFusion


As a (SAAS based automation system it is a crowd computing platform. WorkFusion automates data feed monitoring and helps easily manage crowd-sourced workers from global talent.


  • Encourages collaboration with several users across multiple work stations.
  • Easy automation process with just a button press.
  • Automation across workmates/teammates.
  • Allows robotic use working together at the same time for large scale automation.



Also known as the no-code open-source RPA platform Linx allows fast development and as well as the deployment of automation tasks. Built with a no-code IDE designer it enables fast development and a hosting server. This implies its fast, less structural issues with single-click deployment.


  • Simplified IDE designer offering ease of use and drag.
  • Provides a host cloud service for glitch-free development.
  • Easy integration with SaaS tools, legacy systems, ODBC, OLE DB as well as NoSQL databases.
  • Possibility of creating, hosting and consuming REST and SOAP APIs.
  • Facilitates timed trigger automation, equipped with incoming API calls ad message queues ability.
  • Linx RPA is considered five times faster than most traditional software development cycles.

6. HelpSystems


Automate is an open-source RPA tool developed by HelpSystems. Its easily automates regular manual processes in organizations. It avails five times faster value than other solutions with added: ease of use, stability, robust functionality, and ability to scale company or organization automation strategy.


  • It constitutes over 600 prebuilt automation building blocks.
  • Its graphical workflow design unites IT and business teams functionally.
  • It is equipped with the ability to integrate an extensive list of applications.
  • Intelligent automation ability plus advanced conditions and trigger scenarios
  • Industry-leading security, auditing, and integration capability.
  • It has central visibility, management, reporting and analytics in distributed networks.

7. VisualCron


Adapted and developed by windows, VisualCron is a smart RPA tool that combines integration automation and scheduling. Being a windows product attention to detail is inbuilt with quality.


  • Adapts existing/present technology applications.
  • Ensure e-documentation for every step taken.
  • Fewer glitches with highly improved efficiency.
  • Highly scalable, flexible for organizational automation with 24/7 availability.
  • Fast development and deployment at significantly less cost.

8. Automai


Besides affecting business process streamlining, it cuts down on errors and time spent. Open source Automai RPA tool avails advantages like performance and functional testing, monitoring, and virtual workforce.


  • Code-less - although completely codeless yet it has an extremely intuitive scenario builder by both recorder and user actions.
  • Works in all organizational/business environments: it adapts Citrix to fat client, to web applications.
  • Single automation platform servicing the entire needs of the business, organization, and operation teams.
  • Cost Reduction: It helps save training and implementation costs.

9. WinAutomation


Developed and deployed by softomotive winautomation is considered a global premier desktop automation tool that avails innumerable benefits and advantages right to the desktop.


  • Provides multi-browser web-based automation supporting testing, data extraction.
  • Diverse database of pre-built automation tasks on desktops or web-based applications.
  • Installed directly on employee workstations means less extra installation costs.
  • Offers intuitive UI with drag and drop functionality.

10. UiPath


Completely extensible open-source RPA tool applied in the process of automating web or desktop applications. UiPath enables global organizations to easily automate by designing and deploying robotic workforce


  • Has Scraping solution adaptable with Java, .Net, PDF, SAP, FLASH with fine accuracy.
  • Uipath has multiple hosting options on the virtual terminal and cloud.
  • It offers auto-login to run the bots.
  • Multi-application adaptable both desktop and web-based apps.


Open-source robotic process automation tools today have expanded in reach, penetration, and access to the most advanced trending breakthrough technologies. Be it for banking, insurance, healthcare, data management or logistics and transportation, etc. the relevance and penetration of RPA automation reaches a wider audience with great results for various businesses and organizations.


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