Our RPA enabled solutions help you redesign & build smart processes to automate repetitive manual tasks for saving costs and improving efficiencies. We strive to ensure that you make the most of your investment on process automation.

In today’s overtly competitive market, while cost -control is necessary; it is equally imperative to adopt new-age technologies to improve workforce efficiency and ensuring prompt & error-free output.

From RPA consulting to automation support, we not only help our clients to get rid of their pre-defined, structured and repetitive set of business tasks but we also facilitate use of cognitive functionalities such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to handle their complex processes efficiently. Besides the easy and stand-alone RPA services, we have extended expertise in advanced robotic process automation to improve quality, speed and performance required for greater efficiencies.

Our suite of RPA services is not just limited to specific business function or industry sector; in fact we offer complete end to end automation solutions for all the business processes that are standardized, consistent, and need minimum human intervention.

Our Offerings

RPA –Planning (Process Review )

Considering the specific objectives, IT infrastructure, and business requirements of your organization, our consultants analyze and identify repetitive processes which are best suited for robotic automation. We also evaluate the readiness of IT infrastructure for the proposed automation solution and make sure to upgrade and make necessary changes for attaining best results with minimum investment.

RPA- Strategy (Process Redesign)

After thoroughly analyzing all the business processes and automation requirements, our RPA team develops a PDD (Process Definition Document) detailing the work flows, targeted tasks and the precise scope of required automation. Based on the PDD, key metrics & the KPIs, the most efficient path is identified and a bespoke RPA strategy is selected accordingly.

RPA- Execution (Implementation &Testing)

With strong expertise and specialization in developing scripts for exploiting RPA tools, our automation developers configure, test and implement bots in line with the redesigned workflow and develop sustainable RPA environment to achieve targeted automation benefits. In addition to proper documentation and extensive user engagement & training, VertexPlus follows rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols to ensure smooth implementation of the proposed robotic automation.

RPA Consulting

Besides expert counseling on automation feasibility, need assessment, infrastructure evaluation; VertexPlus offers complete consulting on Process Redesign and end-to-end RPA implementation. We also provide guidance and support for user training, change management, and education to your employees to enable you to derive the most out of your automation efforts.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

To ensure efficient management of RPA solution and to minimize downtime, VertexPlus has a dedicated team of experts to offer constant support and contractual maintenance for RPA activities and associated infrastructure. Whether it is about managing pre-scheduled maintenance, or executing an emergency support to resolve any unforeseen challenges, our support team is available 24/7 for providing instant solutions for maintenance including exception management and bots’ issues.

Our Expertise

When it comes to automate effort -intensive, repetitive tasks; RPA finds its relevance across almost all kinds of industries. Having served numerous clients from different domains and industrial background; VertexPlus has gathered deep insights on cross-functional processes and is fully equipped with expertise to design and implement customized RPA solutions within the agreed timelines and budgets.

RPA for Supply Chain & Inventory Management

To minimize the excessive administrative overheads involved in managing supply chain process, RPA can play a vital role. Realizing the utility of RPA, we help design and develop software bots that can handle important inventory functions like monitoring inventory, generating notifications for reorder, managing right inventory levels. Our experts recommend application of RPA for streamlining contract management, supplier selection, data management, prompt response and automating stock delivery process.

RPA for Accounting & Financial Management

Financial management involves a set of compliances which in turn calls for consistent set of repetitive tasks with no exceptions and hence RPA is an apt choice. Beyond standardized processes like Procure to Pay or Record to Report; we help you in applying RPA to automate manual tasks like verifying vendor credentials, comparing prices quotes, confirming delivery, processing invoices, consolidating and reconciling accounting data and managing accounts payable, refunds, collections, receivables etc.

RPA for Data Management

Our team has vast expertise in sophisticated data extraction, transformation, and transport tools which reduce manual efforts and saves time to a great extent. Our RPA expertise not only helps you manage and control data but it also enables you to automate reporting by regulating standard tasks of merging, processing and formatting data into smart reports.

RPA for Banking

For years, banks have been using their core legacy systems and a lot of reconciliation tasks are performed to collate and verify data within the co-related systems. Using appropriate RPA tools, we can streamline tedious and manual tasks like retrieving accounts details, verifying customer details, processing service requests, sharing product information and others. In addition to minimizing your response time and manual errors, our RPA expertise will also add speed to critical business processes like opening up new bank accounts, loan processing, and on-boarding of customers.

RPA for Insurance

Right from pitching a fitting product to match an individual’s insurance requirements to reducing the back-office efforts deployed for verifying and processing claims, our RPA expertise can help you in a big way to cut down time, efforts and costs while further enhancing customer engagement.

We offer AI enabled RPA solutions to help you manage big volumes of data for handling claims,policy underwriting, detecting frauds & anomalies and ensuring end-to-end compliance management.

RPA for Logistics & Transportation

It is imperative to save time and be cost efficient to stay relevant and successful in logistics business. That’s why RPA has found its application so widely across various business processes from transportation to supply chain.

Our RPA solutions enable you to radically automate manual functions by automatically capturing and integrating data for optimizing scheduling opportunities and enhancing availability of critical business information like order pipeline and shipment status. RPA bots can be designed to handle wide ranging routine tasks like handling orders, scheduling & tracking shipments, confirming payment status and sharing real-time updates with your trade partners and customers.

RPA for Healthcare

Like other industries, Healthcare organizations also have to deal with huge volumes of data that requires smart automation to update, manage and share crucial information in real time. A host of routine tasks can be automated including scheduling appointments, recording patient’s personal data, treatment history, prescription, diagnostic reports and the likes.

Our RPA enabled solutions not only bring in more accuracy in managing patients’ medical data but also help healthcare companies in complying with the privacy norms and other regulations.

RPA Tools We Leverage

Utilizing the strong visual process designing aid and technological innovation offered by UiPath, we offer automation solutions to increase speed and accuracy in your business processes, thereby maximizing the ROI on your RPA endeavor. With our rich experience in implementing RPA, we work along with your stakeholders to identify and evaluate tasks that require automation including both front and back-end processes.

Backed with experience in delivering and implementing automation solutions, our experts are best equipped to leverage the cutting-edge technology that Blue Prism offers for automation. We design initiatives to help enable businesses automate repetitive tasks seamlessly, increasing productivity, profitability and scalability with minimum human intervention.

We develop and optimize custom business process management (BPM) solutions using this low-code application development platform to help companies integrate, automate and improve their complex business operations. Leverage our experts’ deep expertise in User experience, AI and RPA to transform your business for an enhanced and enriched customer experience.

Exploiting easy to deploy and use RPA solutions by Softomotive; we help firms realize their desktop automation and enterprise automation objectives. With the simple drag and drop design functionality of Softomotive, we help you organize and automate your structured workflows to ensure better data quality, eliminating human errors and allowing your workforce to focus on higher priority, value-added initiatives.

With an extensive RPA tool like Kapow, we help you leverage your existing IT infrastructure for automating information-driven processes. Our RPA experts also automate the migration and integration of content and data from legacy enterprise content management systems to stimulate growth and drive your profitability by delivering value across departments and business processes.

Our experienced intelligent automation professionals use this powerful script based RPA tool to enable configuring custom bots for performing tasks that need smart automation. With benefits of scalability and agility, we implement RPA solutions using ‘Automation Anywhere’ to help you achieve digital transformation objectives and liberate your intellectual workforce from the burden of repetitive and mundane transactional tasks.

We recognize and utilize the simplicity that WorkFusion brings in through low code AutoML enabling intelligent bots with real-time learning. These bots are equipped with the features of centralized management, plug-and-play scalability, and advanced security. We assist our clients to make the most of WorkFusion’s capabilities that include strong combination of Artificial Intelligence, OCR, workflow and analytics.