Top 10 Cross-Platform for App Development in 2022

Here are the top 10 Cross-Platform for App Development in 2022. Find out which suits the best for your app.

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Cross-platform app development is essentially making apps with multi-platform adaptable code. The code structure allows the apps to function on any operating system with minimal or no glitches at all. Cross-platform apps symbolize true innovation where operationalization of apps accords great benefits including cost-effectiveness, code reusability, cloud integration, user interface component consistency and above all faster time to market (short development cycles).

When it comes to cross-platform App Development  it symbolizes the future of innovation and adaptability. With the emergence of mobile applications becoming so strong today theres no doubt as of the influence of cross-platform application development in the future. But with so many options today, what are the top 10 cross-platform app development platforms for 2022? We help you unravel the mystery that cross-platform development is with the most popular 10 top-ranking app development platforms.


Built on the JavaScript codebase, React Native is a cross-platform app development platform used for building mobile apps. It's fast, easy to adapt, gives developers leverage in the creation of native functioning apps, has a rich mobile UI with declarative components.

The higher-end benefits React Native adapts similar basic UI components like iOS and Android apps which makes it a very popular cross-platform app development platform.


  • Easy adaptability (iOs, Android)
  • Rich User Interface (Declarative Nature)
  • Native-like App Leverage
  • Short Development, Testing and Deployment Cycle

Phone Gap

Phone Gap is a cross-platform app development platform built on the HTML, JavaScript, CSS codes delivering amazing features. Phonegap avails cloud app development solutions besides the possibility of sharing the application within a team for faster feedback and inputs. Empowered by the large online community it is easy to get access to third-party tools with plugins.


  • Built on Versatile HTML, JavaScript and CSS codebase.
  • Cross-Platform and Open-Source
  • Cost-Effective
  • API Accessibility and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Backend Support
  • Agile Faster Development
  • Responsive Design with Fast Deployment
  • Unique Adaptation and Easy Plugins
  • Uniformity in Application


Built and coded on .NET code base Xamarin is a cross-platform app that is used to build native-like apps interfaces. Xamarin enriched and empowered by Microsofts rich coding expertise avails great user interfaces which offer access to native APIs.


  • Cross-platform adaptability
  • Open-source Platform
  • Rich User Interfaces
  • Versatile Shareable Codebase (Mac OS and Microsoft)


Driven and built primarily on the JavaScript and Objective-C programming language codebase. A web-based app development platform, Appcelerator accords native and proprietary app development features.


  • Built on JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift Programming
  • Enhanced User-Friendly App Development Studio
  • Swift and Direct API Access
  • High Code Reusability
  • Live App Preview Feature (For App Evacuation)

Sencha Touch

Integrating optimized mobile responsiveness and versatile user experience Sencha Touch is JavaScript built. The app development platform incorporates a rich UI library that has lots of amazing functions like smart widgets, banners, menu lists etc. Senchas best features include:


  • Geo-location Capability
  • Touch Events
  • Features Detection
  • Native Packaging
  • High-Performance User Interface Components
  • HTML5 Layouts, Animations and Scrolling
  • Mobile Charting Package
  • Device Features and Native Packaging
  • Backend Agnostic Data Package


Built on the HTML5 codebase Ionic is a resourceful and handy app development platform with open-source design. Ionic is the ultimate app developers platform for creating native-like apps for iOS and Android. Packaged, structured and designed in functionality like Angular JS, Ionic delivers stellar and unique app development features.


  • Open-Source Frameworks
  • Cross-Platform Adaptation
  • High-End Native Plugins
  • Superior Documentation
  • Faster Development
  • Quicker/Faster Deployment


As a multiple app developers platform built on integrated C++ codebase, Qt is a significant app development platform that lets developer teams concurrently work on a single app development project. Besides this, Qt projects can be shared across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) employing just one shared tool for debugging and development.


  • Multiple OS Adaptability
  • App Portage on Multiple Platforms (Simple Recompilation)
  • Enhanced Control Using C++ Code
  • Single Code on Devices and Platforms
  • Accords SQL Database Access
  • Entails JSON and XML Parsing

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a three-dimension gaming graphics app development platform offering multi-platform functionality. With 3D online and offline gaming gaining traction its offers incredibly adaptable application across several gaming platforms.


  • Robust Online Community
  • Rich User Analytics
  • Enhanced Online Social Media Sharing
  • Ability to Create and Destroy Game Objects
  • Accords Vector Variables and Timing Variables


AppWatch is an app development platform that accords web-based analytics and secure app development features before app deployment. Enhanced and built on.


  • Easy and Adept Conversion Tracking
  • Pageview Monitoring Capability
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Web-Based App Scan, Test and Evaluation


However, with the diversity of app development platforms today, building versatile, adaptable and highly user-friendly apps has become easy. With cross-platform apps specially developed for mobile devices it easy to publish the apps on various mobile platforms with just one codebase. These apps function glitch-free on almost all platforms with seamless integration across all device ranges.

Essential to note, cross-platform apps accord access using various software and hardware albeit with some specific code restrictions in places like navigation and control.

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