How Does Business Process Automation Deliver 400 % ROI?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the process of automating several business routines and processes which removes recurring tasks that use or take up much time and labour costs. In this Post, We have discussed about How Does Business Process Automation Deliver 400 % ROI?

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The COVID-19 induced lockdowns and disruptions in every industry spell a new normal in operation. From e-commerce services, Staffing Solutions, IoT, healthcare, logistics and supply chains, banking, travel and tourism, insurance, etc. The aftershocks and effects are real and felt across all sectors impacting ROI as the recovery process tries to pick the pieces in unprecedentedly changed working conditions. Several businesses and industries have experienced significant shifts in their operations and acknowledge new shifts are necessary to survive and thrive.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the process of automating several business routines and processes which removes recurring tasks that use or take up much time and labour costs. This streamlines services with more focus on efficiency, better and faster services, zero common errors and mistakes. BPA creates a special antidote for strong and well-run business units that are effective and productive 24/7, 365.

Ways BPA Helps to Deliver Higher Return on Investment

1.  Cost Optimization

With BPA added in the business or organizations operational structure, there is significant cost reduction and increased or higher savings. When operational costs decline, it directly impacts productions costs and increases the ROI in return. Cost-cutting is essential and crucial but also indirectly or directly with BPA, it means labour is adapted to other productive units or areas to increase labour productivity and efficiency. 2.

2. Maximum Labour Utilization

Labour is critical in any undertaking and its efficiency and productivity are even more valuable as it impacts the bottom lines. When automation is adopted to accomplish tasks faster, better and with zero mistakes it has a direct effect on the ROI figures and percentages in a shorter period. When the same labour is put on manual processes it would slightly take longer to complete the same tasks than when on automated processes. That means automation has a bearing on maximum labour utilization, efficiency, productivity and improved skill adaptation.

3. Full Scale Use of Production Resources

Besides cutting costs and ensuring efficient labour usage, BPA allows the full capacity application of production means. The best application of production implies higher output, more business margins and profits as well as great returns on investment. The cycle of better management, cost reductions, labour optimization and production resource usage is beneficial for business. BPA ensures clear and clean uniformity across processes and operations which is advantageous to the business as it ensures full use of all production means and methods.

4. Smarter Technology Convergence and Usage

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) highly used to run several aspects of the business and its security, its incorporation in business tasks creates more convergence. When smart technologies converge into seamless aspects and parts of running a business, it not only creates flawless performing business units but also a holistic and qualitative overall business transformation with future relevance. When technology converges so well with smart and valuable insights, it makes the data indispensable. That tracks every minute parts of business processes and ensures absolute compliance to all statutory guidelines. Standardisation of all process practices is possible and makes customer satisfaction a possibility.

5. Business Competitiveness and Performance

Perhaps, the best part BPA adds to a business is smart, strong, lean, high performance and results or goal-oriented units. How does it achieve that? By defining precisely tasks or processes and expected completion timelines. That leads to high performing and competitive units that will surely enhance and transform the ROI figures immensely. Yet equally so, BPA brings cutting-edge technology thats vital in todays highly competitive business setting. It underlines the superiority of fast data processing, analytical insight, with a competitive advantage of fast reliable decision making.

6. Scalability and Business Adaptability

Scalable solutions and resources are in high demand in a constantly changing business environment. With scalability and adaptability built and fortified in business systems and solutions that means faster processing of all business tasks and capacity for future scaling even as the market and target demographics keep changing. Businesses with structured, well-defined processes running on scalable solutions can easily adapt to challenges.

What Areas or Systems Can be automated to fast track ROI?

Payroll, Finance and Accounts Automation

Accounts and payrolls are significant process areas to track and monitor as they have a far-reaching impact on the ROI overall. Companies can meet their financial and growth targets based primarily on these two aspects. Automation brings in clear, faster and more organised financial management solutions that streamline all financial matters for easy follow-ups and decision making.

Applications for Reimbursements

Reimbursements are a significant part of management and control that most businesses look into with astute management skills. They can either make or break the businesses financial statements and overall returns. Automating these tasks eliminates the possibility of mistakes or wrong entries than intended. Which means precise calculations and genuine entry processing.

Back Office Tasks Automation

The back office takes u several roles from minute to the big tasks and keeps the wheels of the business management flowing flawlessly. However, with several responsibilities also comes employee burnout or exhaustion and lower productivity. Automating some or most of the tasks in the back office not only strengthens efficiency but also makes them more productive at a faster rate. This influences better and faster service, better customer care, improves business returns and ROI in particular.

Labor Accountability and Productivity Automation

Most if not all businesses today track and keep employee records of efficiency and productivity over some time. When labour productivity is tracked consistently it creates more use of the labour. That translates into a more resourceful application of labour. More so, it validates and justifies the purpose of hiring the labour.

Business Data Entry, Management and Analysis

All business data is critical, delicate and must be protected using all modern means of security. When business data entry and analysis is automated it enhances a faster and more reliable way of securing data besides drawing systematic conclusions based on facts. Data analytics on the other hand provides credible statistical paradigms to build upon in business decision making.

Business data management is also a critical part and element that helps elevate businesses to higher levels. Strategic and purposeful use and storage of data will go a long way in boosting fortunes and ROI.


All in all, several businesses and enterprises have adopted better and faster ways to utilise labour even in remote working environments. For instance, a Staffing Solutions can evolve a hiring process that adds swift onboarding mechanisms that help make labour more engaging and productive. More so, the automation will do tasks faster than employees with 24/7 availability

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