We provide all-inclusive solutions and consulting on Business Process Automation to help you in aligning resources and technology towards attainment of your business goals.

A business progresses on the performance of its people, processes and technology. With time, people and technology keep changing that’s why it becomes indispensable to maintain consistency across processes. To enable this process-driven approach, our BPA services simplify and redefine your work flow that in turn improves efficiency and productivity in business processes across your organization. We ensure that you not only get better business insights and smooth workflows but we also strive to enhance security and reliability while optimizing process related costs.

VertexPlus helps you leverage technologies to redesign the way you work by streamlining your core business processes into simplified automated systems. We have a broad portfolio of BPA capabilities to support your digital transformation journey through automation and help you stand out in today’s market and future too.

Our Offerings

BPA –Planning (Process Review)

Our team of experts conduct a meticulous root-cause analysis of your business workflow to identify processes that need improvement and automation. We probe to understand who the stakeholders are, what efficiency levels have been maintained in the past, what are the common bottlenecks and errors, what causes most of the delays and so on. This understanding helps us in redefining workflows, recommending the areas (Target Processes) for automation and forward automation approach.

BPA- Strategy (Process Redesign)

Depending on the complexity of business processes that need to be improved, our BPA team recommends the precise scope of required automation. Using the best practices including Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and UX mapping, we critically examine all the pros and cons before recommending the proposed solution for redesigning of selected business processes.

BPA- Execution (Automation implementation & Testing)

Whether it calls for developing a custom application, editing the existing code or using specialized BPA tools, we ensure hassle free implementation of the selected process automation. Our comprehensive execution support not only includes testing and training but it also incorporates change management to prepare a supportive environment for maximizing returns on the implemented automation.

Automation Advisory

While our experts carefully identify the problem areas and mark the processes that need to be automated, our Automation Advisory service helps you to select and roll out the best suitable automation solution from the following options:

Basic Automation

If your automation requirements primarily involve simple tasks, usability, and communication, Basic Automation is recommended as it focuses more on easing out tasks and consolidating all the relevant information.

Process Automation

When business processes are complex, we recommend infinitely powerful Process Automation that includes robust documentation and management of team tasks through a common, central workflow involving least manual efforts.

Integration Automation

If your business processes involve too many repetitive tasks, Integration automation is a relevant option that can help you in using your existing infrastructure to simulate additional manpower for handling most of the repetitive tasks.

AI Enabled Automation

If you are aiming to minimize manual efforts and maximize output without any errors, AI enabled automation can be extremely useful. Integrating with artificial intelligence for automated decision-making, you can effectively create a digital workforce that can process data like human.

Our Expertise

Today, Business Process Automation is being implemented across all functions in different industry sectors however more encouraging outcome has been witnessed in automation of fundamental processes like CRM, Marketing, HR, Procurement, etc. VertexPlus helps companies with tailor-made BPA solutions to enable them to accelerate and expand the scale of their business operations.


From resolving customer queries to contacting clients, sending welcome emails to new clients or guiding employees on internal processes, invoicing to sending notifications, we help you automate your customer relations while improving efficiency and reducing costs. We help you build a personalized virtual assistant that assists customers directly on the front-end and provides employees and agents with information and resources they need on the back-end without repetitive manual efforts.

Human Resources

Human Resources department has a lot of predefined processes that can be automated through customized workflows whether it is to track an employee on-boarding, or to track timesheets or leaves; we can help you reinvent your HR workflows. We also facilitate automation of dynamic processes like performance management and talent acquisition through re-engineering of existing processes and designing more intuitive systems of engagement. Our BPA services will surely help you in streamlining your HR function and improving efficiency at all levels of your organization.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Process Automation in procurement can help you in several ways like streamlining sourcing, managing supplier relationships, and controlling spends. Our BPA experts counsel you on building a futuristic plan for your procurement needs by sharing information based perspectives for optimum procurement, and assisting you in handling third-party threats using best practices for Vendor Relationship Management. This helps in more informed decision-making, optimizing preferred vendors and exploring new sources for procurement with an aim to maximize ROI. Through our process automation solutions, we also help you to simplify and automate your supply chains, maintain better relations with your B2B networks, and ensure consistent & reliable supply chain transactions every time.


From smart Chat bots enhancing customer engagement to streamlining marketing operations, our experts offer progressive BPA solutions that can help you automate both strategic as well as routine marketing operations like auto-allocation of leads to relevant sales personnel, classifying customers’ incoming mails, faster handling of claims & grievances, direct reporting & notifications, Sales forecasting and placement of Google ads etc.

Finance and Administration

VertexPlus offers a suite of BPA services to help you manage end-to-end transactions of your predefined Finance and Administration processes. From routine finance operations like journal entries, accounts reconciliation, and preparing periodic statements to automating approval & audit processes etc., we help you to identify areas within your financial workflows which require least human intervention and accordingly recommend customized process automation solutions.

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Our highly experienced team with vast technological expertise is fully equipped to deliver perfect solutions for all your requirements.


Our dedicated and professionally skilled team works relentlessly to ensure error-free and timely delivery of solutions to our clients.


With the best talent on-board and following best practices, we are fully committed to provide technically superior and the most efficient solutions to our clients.


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For us Client satisfaction is supreme; we take full ownership and responsibility to offer you more value for your money and keep you ahead of your competition.