Information Strategy And Governance

Each day there are companies who are inclining themselves towards giving more security to their firms. All the sensitive data in their master computer should be kept safe and none should get the access to it except the authority. This has drastically increased the values and all the insights of the organizations. So the first step taken by various organizations is to align all their resources at one place and realize their value. Giving the access to the right people at the right time can make all the difference between success and failure. Data and insights of all the companies have become the key to success in every scenario. So, to lock these key points inside the grasp of only the company itself, is our first and foremost aim.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process that includes organizations dealing with all the unexpected and disrupted situations that can further threaten the organization or its value in the market. Having a crisis management team by your side not just gives you the power to tackle the hardships of that time but also gives you the strength to overcome it. The best practices of our team at VertexPlus include:

  • Making out a detailed plan as for the responses to as many potential threats as possible.
  • After the planning part comes the monitoring part. We will then establish a complete system that will monitor all the systems and practices which will detect all the early warnings or crises for the company’s benefit.

Data Security

Data security means, protecting the data digitally. It helps the firm in knowing all the malware, data breach or virus creating a hole in their security. It is used to prevent, all the unauthorized access to the computers of the firm, going through the database and website. This will also protect your data from all the ways through which your data can be corrupted. Data security is a very essential aspect that can help an IT company to keep things in an organized way irrespective of their size. According to a survey, there are about 20% of organization that fail to keep their data safe and hence this toll increases with time.

Infrastructure And Cloud Security

Providing cloud security consultancy to an organization less or more is a difficult task that requires a lot of workload and the correct distribution of workforce. For more than one reason and the above mentioned benefits companies that provide cloud security service find it effective and reliable to implement the cloud security which is the next level security. Although the cloud security management has a few unique opportunities it also is an invitation to challenges and risks. It is really convenient for local SAN and NAS. The service providers are the store, run, manage and keep upgrading all the security details to help your firm evade the data breach easily.

Risk And Gap Assessment

Every organization does have a risk management team. The Gap Analysis of the security programs is exclusively designed to assist all the organizations in obtaining the best results in obtaining the regulation that is appropriate for the firm. The risk and gap assessment comprises of a set of questions for every section of the required document. Then the summary report is crafted on the basis of the answers and the organization’s current level is determined. The gap analysis is another process where the team determines and creates documents of the variance between the existing policy and what it should have been. The risk based management when completes the engagement of numerous guidelines and practices gives the best solutions for the firm.

Policy Procedure

One of the main aspect of each organization is the policy that they make for the complete staff. Although it varies from people to people on the basis of their status and position in the firm but still everything is dependent on this to run the company smoothly and at its best. It is a must and is known to every member of the staff that 2 main components of a company are policy and procedure. The procedure to make the policy of a company is a way with which the firms can steer their success. These things help the company to work efficiently and smoothly. However, many times there is a confusion between what a policy is and what a procedure is. But then experts have all the expertise to make the correct decisions. So, VertexPlus will help you in making a policy with the right set of procedures.

Security Awareness

Awareness is a very important and key factor of making a firm safe for work. The more aware your employees are, the more efficiently they would work. This will also help them in keeping a check for the well-functioning of the organization. Listed below are some important points to keep in mind.

You need to keep in touch with all the departments of the organization. Involving all the sections of the organization like legal, compliance, HR, marketing and all the other will help in successfully applying the awareness programs in the firm. And this is a needful aspect that can’t be ignored.

Another thing is to be relevant. All the organizations usually use the standard way of commuting their work in the workplace. But if the awareness program is not relevant then one can have a lot of problems in making the staff members understand your ideology, which is another important thing.

Now it’s the time to reap what you sow. One of the important things in making a successful effort towards security awareness is to measure the success. Obviously, if you are making all the right decisions and if there is an awareness program then all your decisions have come to the right place. Now one way to see through these things is by measuring the success of your company. The numbers and increment in the graphs will tell you about the true face of your awareness program. But for all this to fall in the right place, there should be an expert doing everything.

Digital Assets

You must be aware of the digital assets of the company. It is one of the most important part of any organization as it is all what they have. In another words digital assets are all the documents as well as the resources that an organization has. A company should know how to use their digital assets in a better way to get the most of it. This can be done by incentive awareness. The best way to realize your digital asset is to make your staff (assets) happy by one or the other way. There are many ways by which staffs can be kept happy and one of them is by giving them increment in the rightful way. Here all you need to do is make a chart of all the employees working in the firm and give them some rewards. Maybe a gift or increment in their salary.

Network Security

Network Security is the combination of layers of defenses in the network of the organization. This helps in keeping the files as well as the network of the organization safe and sound. Each of the security level keeps policy implanted and controls. Only the authorized personal gets the access to the resources and they can edit it whenever possible. This also gives them the edge to save the confidential data of the company. The less people know about it the better security it has. There are many benefits of the network security. As we all know that digitization has transformed the world so we play, work and live in the world which is connected digitally. So the better protection you have, the better reputation you get.

Application Security

All those organizations that fail in securing their application and data can turn themselves into the risk of getting attacked by the failing applications. The web applications are always at high-priority and are targeted due to the complexity of the source data. This also gives an ease in execution as most of the attacks are done to the private files.

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