R & D seeks the knowledge of new designs and developments that gives the organization an edge in the competitive market. They try out new things to enhance and upgrade the existing products and services. VertexPlus believes in complete rarity and newness. The R&D is a small connection between various parts of the organization. Be it strategizing the plan, using a business plan on a product or service.

Accompanied by R & D efforts, the success of new-gen products and applications demand efficient intersection and calibration of best-in-class strategy and consulting, softwares and hardwares, flawless customer engagements, smooth operations, cost controls, innovation - all of which are instrumental in creating differentiated outcomes.

As pressure increases to meet new business targets, organizations are searching for new techniques that can bring additional revenue streams.

An effective R&D approach can be a noteworthy wellspring of this new development. It can assist organizations with delivering innovative solutions and new advancements and support operational upgrades that enhances the productivity.

However, for R&D to perform well it needs an optimal and flexible organizational structure. VertexPlus R & D solutions serves many purposes and provides sustained growth and market differentiation.

The four key activities of VertexPlus R and D solutions are:


  • Explore future in advance of business needs
  • Create competencies for the future
  • Reduce the level of uncertainty
  • Proof of new technologies


  • Create new products in an efficient manner
  • Introducing new processes and maintain their performance
  • Current product modifications


  • Create new and smart markets ideas
  • Look for ways to disrupt in target markets
  • Problem solving using corporate innovation labs


  • Existing product enhancement
  • Reduction in product costs
  • Solve process and line problems

Vertexplus specializes in helping clients to:

Create value from ideas and innovation

Decide technology direction aligned with commercial priorities

Develop processes to help deliver on choices

Build management capabilities in technology and sustainable innovation

Services offered by VertexPlus in R & D:

Innovation audit

R&D strategy – analysis and design

Innovation growth platforms

Technology road mapping

Innovation and technology management

Foresight and technology watch

VertexPlus’ R & D services enables organizations to capture new value from digital—creating products, experiences, and businesses through new capabilities. It’s a core enabler of our capacities to research and innovate, and to create products and businesses through new capabilities. We are committed to being at the forefront of incremental as well as disruptive innovations that is practical to business.

Working with clients across the entire R&D lifecycle, VertexPlus helps them in framing innovative products, harnessing all the required capabilities, technical expertise, agile methodologies, and industry knowledge to scale up successful outcomes.

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