Consulting Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a broader business agenda now, not restricted to technology concern alone.
With the increasing pace and complexity of cyber threats, protecting organization’s technology assets and business information from malicious damage, theft and misuse without constraining business growth and innovation — is an increasingly critical management issue.

The issue is bigger now

as life migrates to data centers and clouds, digital data becomes more ubiquitous, intellectual property continues to migrate online, access to corporate networks is more open, value chains get increasingly interconnected, cyber attackers and hacktivists are more sophisticated and are outpacing advancements in technology.

The consequences are even bigger

loss in profits, reputational damage and disgruntled customers, partners and employees.

Business-driven Cyber Security Models are poised to address Cyber Security challenges.

The rapid rise of severity and sophistication of cyber assaults and complexity of IT environments require intelligent safeguards and restrictions – business-driven cybersecurity models - that can provide enough safeguards to protect corporation’s technology assets without placing constraints on business growth and innovation.

Increasingly, companies have been refreshing their approaches towards addressing cyber security challenges.

Cyber Security is being treated as business issue and not technology issue alone. Along with technology experts, Corporate leaders are beginning to get involved in discussions and decisions on security risks, and the potential trade-offs between its business implications, investments and user behavior.

Companies have begun to make cybersecurity as a core part of business strategies and customer value propositions, evaluating their cyber risks across the full value chain, collaborating with vendors and key business partners. Hence, besides patching up their technological vulnerabilities, companies have begun to shift their cybersecurity efforts and policies on critical business assets and processes.

Additionally, refreshing cybersecurity strategies is an ongoing work to fight ongoing battle. New digital assets and mechanisms means new kind of attacks.

Organizations have begun to shift focus towards building robust capacities to identify unexpected vulnerabilities in their processes and systems before they are breached alongside developing organizational muscle to manage existing cyber threats.

And it is a fundamental business case, and not technology issue alone.

How can VertexPlus help

Understanding the needs of organizations for security solutions at broader business level, inside and outside of organizations, and adopting the best and emerging practices in Cyber Security business-driven models, VertexPlus Technologies assists organizations with following services in the Cyber Security & Protection

Vulnerability Management

A pre-emptive solution to defend organization against the misuse of vulnerabilities in applications, software and networks by determining policies, guidelines, security requirements, strategies and architectures aimed to identify, classify, remediate and mitigate vulnerabilities, with proactive and reactive approach.

Infrastructure Security

A holistic and adaptive solution to arm organizations to tackle threats on Gateway Security, Server Security, Web Security, Email Security, Mobile Security, Application Protection, Database Security, Cloud Security, Disaster Recovery among other infrastructure security requirements.

Identity Access and Management

Another effective solution that brings enhanced security, operational efficiency, compliance enablement, risk management and greater business flexibility to an organization’s management of identity related business processes, information, technology and user behavior.

Data Integrity and Information Protection

VertexPlus assists organizations to safeguard sensitive data across entire data life-cycle. This range from accessing, identifying, evaluating, monitoring, controlling and securing and disposing data that is functional as well as resting data. For organizations that handle escalating volumes of complex data, VertexPlus provides its Data Security Governance Solution. This heightens management capabilities and establishes control over the complete lifecycle of data, instituting ownership, accountability and supervision of data assets.

Surveillance Solutions

Physical security solutions include end-to-end support to safeguard valuable assets, process improvement and performance measurement through Electronic Security & Surveillance Solutions that cover Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and CCTV Surveillance.

Clients use VertexPlus’ years of experience across multiple engagements & leverage our proactive cyber security programs that deliver actionable security intelligence. This is in contrast to traditional approaches that are imprudent to threats or are passively involved in compliance monitoring.

Our fully managed Security Intelligence as a Service (SIaaS) endows with monitoring, incident reporting/ alerts and responses to threats. We employ a unique use-case framework that defines indicators of threat required to be monitored and investigated to maintain a heightened level of alertness. Clients who use the service keep themselves sheltered from existing as well as budding threats.

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