About The Client

The Open University of Mauritius (OUM) was established on 12 July 2012 according to the Open University of Mauritius ACT 2010. The Mauritius College of the Air, which established in 1971 integrated with the Open University of Mauritius in July 2012. The University aims to educate those people who are unable to attend regular classes due to several reasons such as job, time etc. With flexible study options, its prospective learners can study from home, work, or anywhere in the world, at a time that suits them and their lifestyle. OUM stays connected with its students through induction and tutorial sessions where learners meet tutors.

The OUM collaborated with VertexPlus to automate and centralize their HR, Accounts and LMS processes, through which they could:

Simplify their processes

Get one stop solution for all business processes

Create central data repository

Automate HRMS, Accounting and LMS

Facilitate and promote digitization etc

Business Challenge

OUM has multiple divisions that are further divided into departments. Like every other organization, it also has substantial workflow and
transactions that are inter-related and dependent to be handled on daily basis. Earlier, they were using multiple
independent applications accompanied by manual Efforts to manage their workflow. Lack of integration
and activity sync caused them the following Challenges:-

  • No integration between the
    processes and applications being used

  • No centralized
    place for database

  • Time consuming

  • Delay in

  • No

  • Inaccurate and time taking

  • Tedious and monotonous proces
    due to manual efforts

VertexPlus’ Solution

The solution provided by VertexPlus really proved instrumental in bringing success to OUM. VertexPlus implemented a web-based University Management Application that effectively addressed all of their needs. It automated and supplied the workflow of HR, Accounting and LMS departments. So, now they have:

  • User based authorization i.e. only authorized users can access the University’s confidential data

  • Common platform for a range of activities

  • Relational Database Management System for quick and effective processing of inter-department tasks

  • Decreased manual efforts to the very extent through process automation

  • Compliance based HR, Accounting and LMS

  • Process oriented flow

  • Dash-board for quick reporting

  • Provision for scalability considering the University’s growth


Employee Management System Electronic Attendance
Leave Management
Claim Management


Online Enrollment Module Online Course Registration
& Re-registration
Fee Payment Module Online Examination
Registration & Re-registration
Online Tutor/ Moderator
Registration Module
Class/ Examination Schedule Module Attendance Module Assignment Creation/Submission Module Data Integration Online Enquiry System Module


Cash Book & Cash Management Payables Receivables Payroll Management Asset Management Inventory Managment Purchase Management


Following implementation, OUM experienced transparency in the entire system. It has been a holistic and fruitful change for the University. Process automation diverted unrequired efforts in other productive activities and priorities. It increased the operational effciency by cent percent. This one - of-a-kind implementation of integrated applications on an online server of Open University really proved miraclulous in the area of University Management Application.


Incredible transparency in processes resulted in quick responses


Optimization of resources increased the productivity

Consistency in operations strengthened the decision-making


Easy access to data due to
common data repository


Redundant process elimination increased unambiguity


Real-time data led to fast decision making


Established quick co-ordination between departments