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Data Protection Office (DPO) operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mauritius. They are responsible for promoting awareness about Data Protection Act 2004, enforcing provisions under the act and investigate against complaints arising from breach of the Data Protection Act. DPO also gives advice to business owners, company directors, compliance officers and legal practitioners. It is headed by the Data Protection Commissioner with Technical, Finance and Administrative cadre in staff. Currently, DPO is divided into four sections: Registration, Investigation, Finance and IT

DPO collaborated with VertexPlus to implement a robust web application named Integrated Registration, Investigation and Finance Solution for computerization and automation of the routine work carried out at DPO. They wanted to do the followings with this system:

Simplify online registrations process

Manage : Enquiries Investigation Auditing trails Cash flow, and Reports

Business Challenge

Standalone and disparate systems were being used at the DPO to manage registration, investigation
And finance activities. It had taken a toll on their monetary figures as well as further growth. The
Followings are the challenges that pursued DPO to implement IRIFS:-

  • No integration between
    functional activities

  • Inconsistent flow of registration,
    investigation and finance activities

  • No remote
    access to the database

  • Absence of
    central repository

  • No track of queries causing
    delay in response

VertexPlus’ Solution

VertexPlus developed and implemented IRIFS - a web application that addressed and fixed all of their needs in the following manner:

  • e-Registration as per Data ProtectionAct, 2004

  • Automatic generation of Registration Certficate

  • Automatic generation of reminders for renewal of registration

  • Online investigation

  • Complaints management

  • Record enquiries & site visits

  • Security check

  • Prosecution

  • Worflow based task routing for back-office staff

  • Payment reconciliation & general ledger accounting

  • Generate daily transactions

  • Manage reports and statistics


The Integrated Registration, Investigation and Finance Solution (IRIFS) simplified the workflow
between all the three departments (Registration, Investigation and Finance) of DPO and managed the
processes significantly in the following ways:

A united platform promoting easy access to information/ data

Quick registration/renewal data tracking

Easy access to data

Accelerated the decision-making process

Elimination of repetitive efforts brought transparency in business

Increased data accuracy proved boon to accurate decision-making

Elimination of manual processing has resulted into improved operational efficiency

Streamlined core business processes resulted to optimization

Online accessibility of information promoted awareness and improved con􀀷dence in e-Governance

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