Security Operations Center monitors and analyzes an enterprise’s different facets of security policies. Agenda of SOC teams is to correctly identify, analyze, defend, investigate and report the potential security incidents on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, websites, applications and other systems using advanced technology measures and set of rigorous processes. The key benefits of having an effective security operations center is the improvement of security incident detection through continuous monitoring and analysis of data activity.

As the cost of setting up an in-house security operations center is usually high, the companies are gradually relying on external security operations capabilities. VertexPlus’ 24*7 connected network of SOC (Security Operations Center) caters you the skills and resources required to counter the threat. Our services are considered as the managed IT security services that deal with the issues at both organizational and technical level.

VertexPlus’ SOC team is staffed with security analysts, engineers as well as managers who oversee security operations who work closely with organizational incident response teams to ensure that security issues are addressed quickly upon discovery.

Why SOC is necessary?

Data is the most valuable asset for an organization’s success in today’s business environment, therefore, its protection and privacy have become core factors to the security strategies for the companies.
Attackers are coming up with new ideas to attack the database system of organizations with evolving security measures. Therefore, the requirement for constantly updating managed network security services is essential.
Before helping our clients, we understand and quantify their risk profiles to deliver tailored end-to-end services from our managed security operations center as per their specific context and objectives.

Features of our SOC as a Service

Actionable intelligence to improve internal detection & defense mechanisms
Growth of scalable services to meet the emerging security needs
Deployment on the cloud to eliminate the cost of installing software or hardware
Continuous management of known and existing threats while identifying emerging threats
A Dedicated SOC, a SOC- Managed Services & Hybrid model approach to deal with security needs based on industry-based compliance requirements

SOC services

We constantly update our managed network security services to generate new risk detection methods to stay ahead.

1Continuous monitoring, detecting, examining and responding towards all kind of malicious as well as suspicious activitie

2Using the power of analytics to enhance the level of security

3Implementing the integration of advanced technology measures with the managed security solutions to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks

Roles and responsibilities of SOC Analysts

To build high-tech
To save detain
case of disasters
For data security
For Scalability

Benefits of Managed Security Solutions

Centralizing the
display of assets
Solidifying client
and employee trust
Collaborating across
departments & functions
Maximizing awareness
to minimize cost

Why Choose VertexPlus ?


Our highly experienced team with vast technological expertise is fully equipped to deliver perfect solutions for all your requirements.


Our dedicated and professionally skilled team works relentlessly to ensure error-free and timely delivery of solutions to our clients.


With the best talent on-board and following best practices, we are fully committed to provide technically superior and the most efficient solutions to our clients.


We keep our engagement clear and transparent; our teams work hand-in-hand with clients ensuring exceptional servicing & long-term relationships.


With the Client-First approach; all our efforts are aimed towards creating winning solutions for our clients, even if that calls for going the extra mile.


For us Client satisfaction is supreme; we take full ownership and responsibility to offer you more value for your money and keep you ahead of your competition.

Why Choose VertexPlus ?

Our Happy Clients

"We have been working with VertexPlus for our SOC audit. Their auditors and team have brought a level of expertise and professionalism that has been unmatched. Our company is required to undergo a number of audits annually with various audit firms and VertexPlus has truly been pleasure to work with. I have referred VertexPlus to a number of clients and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to complete a SOC engagement."

Peter Davis

"We engaged VertexPlus for a SOC audit of our fast growing cloud-based security service. The audit itself was thorough, but non-disruptive. The audit team was professional and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend VertexPlus for SOC services."

Matt Johnson