Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive technologies are enticing organizations across industries and specialties to experiment and implement AI initiative to modernize their products, services, systems, and business processes. The world of AI tools and automation is evolving and the companies that are using AI have been growing rapidly.

Artificial intelligence solves various problems and helps businesses to increase sales, productivity, fraud detection, enhance customer experience, automate work processes, and provide predictive analysis. Industries such as health care, automotive, banking and financial, including logistics have a lot to achieve from artificial intelligence and its implementations. Using its tools, AI can help various industries and service providers by redesigning the business processes and the way it operates in the market.

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many years and was first introduced in 1956. It is often described as the single and the biggest technology revolution in the world.

When a machine is able to make decisions based on the information provided is known as Artificial Intelligence. It can be a task, effort or an action, which is carried out by a machine or a computer that could relate to human intelligence.

Machine learning is an application of AI, which focuses on providing computer systems an ability to learn and improve automatically from the experience without being programmed. By the use of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence is capable of solving problems by learning from the data to provide a relevant solution. AI is making things easier for machines to perform operations without humans having to explain to them how a task can be accomplished.

The term cognitive computing is described as the current wave of artificial intelligence and, precisely machine learning, with a touch of self-learning, contextual and human interaction.

AI is changing the business scenario

Banking and financial services can gain benefits like automation and fraud detection using the AI-based process. The logistics and retail businesses are using AI for better inventory and delivery management and help to decrease power consumption.

Breakthrough results are possible by embracing cognitive technologies- when a firm takes correct steps in planning and developing the complete structured layout of the technology. It also gives agility, higher productivity as well as the work satisfaction to the employees and the firm.

The rise of virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana is also an outcome of AI-based algorithms to make life better. These technologies are developed to fulfill more prominent roles in dictating future of consumer behavior. It has been researched that your future transactions will be completed with the help of an AI-based Chatbot or virtual assistants.

Benefits of AI

Makes faster, data
driven decisions

Enables better
production outcomes

Improves process

operational cost

Enables greater scalability

Facilitates product innovation

Reduces the

Enhances efficiency

Frees up humans

Enhances lifestyle

Increases automation

complex problems

Expands creativity

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a huge impact on various fields. Some of its major applications are mentioned below:


Farming is a field of concern for the majority of individuals in developing countries due to lack of access to food and water. AI is fit for expanding the yield of farmland under culturing in developing countries with machine learning calculations utilized as a part of drone technology to both plants and fertilize seeds at a speed further than human capacities.

It has been researched that efficiency and productivity will enhance in the next years and farms will become more connected. Researchers have estimated that by the year 2020, more than 75 million agricultural IoT devices will be running, and the average farm is expected to generate an average of 4.1 million data points on a daily basis in 2050.

Banking and Financial Institutions

AI is helping financial institutions and banks to deploy, predict and plan the way customers manage their money along with error reduction process, smart wallet, and executing voice assisted banking, making AI an integral part of the business development strategy. By making use of most of the complex algorithms and machine learning, AI can practice thousands of structured and unstructured data points giving 24/7 support. As finance professionals profoundly depend on data, this capability can largely affect how they do their jobs.


Artificial Intelligence is contributing a lot to the healthcare industry by introducing next generation radiology tools, precise analytics for pathology images along with advancing the use of immunotherapy and more. It is being aided by doctors in assisting with the diagnosis and treatment procedures. This diminishes the need for multiple machines and equipment which in turn brings down the cost. Machine learning innovation is the best method for understanding the spread of sickness, as well as giving alleviation.

Marketing and Business

Artificial Intelligence is supervised, sustained and even coded by Homo sapiens. Data is definitely the most vital raw material for the conversion of an economy to a digital economy. This raw data is hovering in the air untapped, unprocessed, without being put to any use. But with AI, it can be arranged for data mining, and processing of big data in a few minutes to offer information on business insights.

Travel and Hospitality

Since the evolution of the travel and tourism sector, the improvement in technology has always been recognized and works alongside automated systems to improve works. The AI strategies are being used in hotel bookings, online payment, and cancellation process- all of it speedily becoming automated with a lot of advantages as to minimizing waste, decreasing errors and improving production.

Aerospace Industry

Approximately every activity that’s carried out to manage air transportation is based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. There are the various uses of softwares in air transportation activities, the majority of which are designed using AI. The continued existence of air transport without AI is unimaginable.


With the development of AI, video games have progressed by providing gaming bots which can act and play like real players and can also get the game started without relying on the other players to play with you which helps to boost playing experience. The visual appeal, complex design, unique strategies create a realistic feeling in the game.


Car manufacturers are rapidly embedding AI services into vehicles since it helps commuters to control technology in the car through natural language voice commands. Connected cars are being planned that have the ability to access, consume, create, and share digital information. As cars become more and more connected, the possibility of self-driving cars is within our grasp with the aid of AI.


Retail is surely the fastest moving industry in the world currently, and e-commerce retail is becoming even speedier. Nowadays, customers can buy anything online with a minimum effort. Hence, small businesses can leverage digital marketing to achieve more success and increase their market opportunities. Eventually, increasing the customer base with the help of AI, as customer service agents will have a script to follow based on the query and the heavy set of queries will fit into a small set-up.

How can we assist you

Artificial Intelligence is capable of making existing applications easier to use and take over those tasks that are time-consuming. We, at VertexPlus, have the experience, capability, and strength to implement AI and provide solutions that help to enhance productivity and profitability.

Computing Infrastructure

Earlier, the ideas were theoretical so they were not applied because of the insufficient computing power. However, cloud computing and parallel processing systems have now merged as solutions and we have addressed this issue by our tremendous computing infrastructure like quantum computing, which controls difficult phenomena to carry out operations.

Experienced Professionals

Until now, the use of AI was limited since there were less knowledge and low wages for this field. But with the awareness of the Internet, things have changed and we have professionals with years of experience and skills needed for AI- such as mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Our professionals are thoroughly trained and have been tackling data and analytics issues with ease.

Value Customer Satisfaction

In the beginning of the AI research, the field failed to meet its goals as quickly as investors believed it would, and this led to a slump in new capital. But eventually, with new methodologies of AI, people got more than the investment they paid back in the last thirty years. We have assisted clients in the same scenario and overcome their fear related to science and algorithms that lie on the technical side.

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