Sourcing & Staffing

VertexPlus is a name to reckon in IT staffing solutions. We deliver a distinctive edge to our partners by locating and getting suitable personnel against their fine specifications.

We have been dealing in IT staffing solutions from long and have acquired quintessential knowledge of the industrial trends, resource compatibility and the right HR fitment. We do it most prolifically with the help of our large databank of quality manpower, expert team for identifying & sourcing best talent, and personalized services.

We have access to resources that allow our recruiters to identify and process candidates faster and more efficiently. In addition to the common search engines, we have the ability to attract candidates from a number of industry specific sources. Coupling these resources with an internal database gives us the ability to identify individuals with precisely the qualifications our customers seek in a time sensitive manner. Additionally, local universities and networking channels provide us with an even more advanced supply. This helps us provide you with best IT staffing solutions.

With our exhaustive knowledge and deep penetration in the field of knowledge resources and IT industry we provide most desirable, highly compatible and suitable candidates for different profiles entailing different qualifications and candidatures.