Product Consultation

Every organization in the fast pacing world is thinking of getting an edge over the others in the market. Making a product is one thing, but making a product that will be used by people needs a lot of research, expertise and resources to be build. Product consultation is a process of making yourself open to the outside market. This helps the marketing team of the organization to meet up with the clients and figure out the actual requirements of the people. Product consultation is a very important part of doing business in this world. Because if you don’t have an idea what’s needed in the market, what business viable and technically feasible, there is no point in making the product. A product is only useful when it provides business to the organization

Co Innovation & Ideation

The biggest problem that organizations face is getting close to workable ideas. Once the firm is successful in knowing this, things begin to get better and smooth. The booming market of IT sector has made innovation play a very important role in fetching clients and making money with a great business. But one thing has to be kept in mind always and that is innovation is the mother invention. It makes you different and better from others in a lot of way. Your product gets the importance. The more innovations you put into the product in making it better to use, the more potential clients you will get. Everything is interconnected with each other. All you need to figure out is how can innovation earn you money and your firm recognition.

Benefits of business model innovation:
  • Implicit knowledge
  • Get on same page
  • Purge your mind
  • Get different perspectives
  • Recover enthusiasm

System Architecture

When we talk about architecture, then it is the fundamental organization of any firm which is also considered as the backbone of every project. A system architecture allocates all the required functionality of software and hard ware that are important for the firm. The basic role of system architecture are it basically serves as the blueprint of the targets that has to be achieved in making a product. It also allocated the functionality to the software and hardware used in the system. It then constitute crucial designs and gather all the information about the required projects.

Benefits of web service architecture:
  • Creates a solid foundation for the project
  • Platform scaling
  • Increases performance
  • Reduces costs,
  • Avoid duplicity
  • Vision Implementation

Iterative Deployment

Companies deal with the challenges of constantly working on their products to fit heterogeneous needs of the customers while keeping quality standards intact and cost changes insignificant. Iterative deployment is consistent product development process or an approach to break the development process in sub-process or sprints to adjust better to users’ requirements and behavior pattern. It eases up the work, minimizes the chances of making any errors and enables customer involvement in the development process and validation at every sub-process consequentially resulting customer-relevant product. Iterative deployment means incremental delivery. Consistent small changes help users to gradually adjust to new features and also gives insightful feedback on how the features are performing, how it is delivering rapid value to users and how the features could be adjusted based on user requirements and behavior.

Benefits of Iterative Deployment:
  • Reduced operating-time.
  • Delivery of operational product.
  • Easy management of iterations.
  • During iteration, risks being identified earlier.
  • Testing is being facilitated.
  • Project-scope changes can easily implemented.
  • Easy progress measurement.
  • Designing needs more time than documentation.
  • During early project life cycle, development of functional prototypes gets involved.
  • Early detection and correction of defects happen.

Product Transformation

Changing or transforming an existing product is a waste of time for the head officials of the company. VertexPlus helps their clients with product transformation so that they get the best product on one hand and focus themselves on more challenging situations to get better business. The service that we give includes transformation of the product by accelerating the roadmap, putting in some innovation and making it a better product to use in the competitive world. The product transformation here is taken up by using the core of the product design and expert engineering. We believe in making a collaborated relationship with the clients that helps us to understand their needs and make a better product with our resources.

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer strategy
  • Analytics
  • New products/services
  • Accurate market segmentation
  • Universal customer experience
  • Increased innovation

Deployment & Sustenance

There are many arsenals where leading business places have changed themselves and turned themselves in for applications based on IT. These include the hospitals, government facilities and much more. It might be possible that they have been carved out of some technology that was a hot topic at that time. But when it comes to 10 years down the line, the same tech would have probably been outdated. During that time the organizations would have deployed the product or service in their firm but now it would be a waste of time and space. With time the complexity and problems have been just added which has lead companies to work into some new functionality and put in some innovation to get the best outcomes.

The challenges for software deployment project are:
  • Long time for planning and implementing new features
  • Indecisiveness among managers in categorizing tasks
  • End consumer priorities ignored
  • Difficult to bring in a uniform process in terms of complexity and priority
  • Not able to incorporate enough testing cycles
  • Using tools, Accelerators and Frameworks reduce development time
  • Effectively implementing agile processes and practices
  • Technical team that does periodic reviews and strategies to improve the code quality
  • Smaller focused teams for better productivity
  • Building domain capabilities for testing efficiency
  • Flexible and scalable engagement models

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