Data Centre Management

There are many data centre management providers that are very high on responsibilities but light on personnel. It happens to be one of those things that are ignored by them. These issues that companies face is increasing day by day and posing a lot of problems. Apart from this, they also face a lot of mismatch. But none of these bounds our services and restrict us from providing the best to our clients.

We at Vertexplus have very well combined our expert thinking and resources to get the most for our clients. If at all they need, they can tool up the various automation tools with data centre management.

Why we need Data Center management:

  • To build specific standards to meet the needs of high-tech hardware
  • To save datain case of disasters or crashes
  • To secure data
  • For Scalability


Network Management

All the big companies have it in them that they know a lot about the network management system. And we at VertexPlus help them in making the wiser decisions in a better way. Some of the benefits that we can get from the network management is that:

It saves a lot of time. Whenever you have to deal with a large network environment, you have a lot of problems that comes your way. But at the same time if the company acquires the ability to run and control the entire business and the related operations from a single computer, then things get better. A single storage house of all the data helps it to get the access to all the required files in just one click. In many ways, it also allows the other staff members to enter and retrieve the data that has to be used.

In most ways we can say that it is cost effective. This is because just one single network system is managing all the systems be it the hardware or the software. You will not have to worry about spending extra cash on establishing various links and networks. Rather you can swell up the cash and utilize it in research or training purpose.

It also increases productivity. As one single computer keeps a track on all the hardware and software, it not just becomes easier for staff members to access the files and data but it also makes working more productive.

A better network management system prevents the disruption in business. AS the downtime can significantly affect the impact on the organization.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides a single view console across IT Infrastructure Management with Network Provisioning, IT Monitoring, IT Service Desk, IT Problem Management, IT capacity Monitoring, Application Management and IT Change Management. Our dedicated NOC facility offers a complete range of offerings in the areas of service assurance and service fulfilment.

The NOC services houses the best infrastructural set-up with well-structured Physical Space, Hardware infrastructure, Communication Infrastructure, Staffing and Training, Dedicated Servers, Contingency and Disaster Recovery, Access Control and Monitoring.

The dedicated/managed Network Operation Centre provides 24x7 technical support and operational monitoring support for data networks, with primary focus on wide area network, cloud, and data center support. To ensure full operational and fault free managed services, we follow a well-defined NOC organization hierarchy structure, and all-time availability of sufficient shadow resources in the case of requirement to prevent operational loss.

Security Management

Security has always been a very important part of an organization. All the organization have to keep their data safe from all the data breaches and cybercrimes. But it is not always necessary that they do it using their in-house strength. Sometimes, even the giants outsource this to other companies. And we at VertexPlus have the best ways to keep your data safe and secure. As the IT companies are running their work with full force, the risk of getting the data exposed to the others has also been constantly increasing.

Choosing us as your security management company, you will be able to enjoy advantages such as:

  • We will write and review RFPs, various training programs, service agreements and job descriptions.
  • It will replace the vendors as per the requirements.
  • We will manage your security programs
  • Locate and eliminate the threats

Server Management

Server management include initial server setup tasks, service monitoring, regular server maintenance and security. Using a server management systems will be monitored for health and services on a regular basis without having to find and pay for full time employment of an onsite systems administrator. It happens that a well-managed serve helps you get more business and keeps you focused. The big IT firms often need help in managing the servers in a better way.

We at VertexPlus keep a track on three important things. They are:

  • The company providing the management service should have scalable servers.
  • They should also have a better way to prevent themselves from the hackers.
  • They should also be reliable enough.
  • We also have our experts ready to help you 24X7.

The server management services in VertexPlus include:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and server management
  • Server migration
  • The speedup data backup and recovery
  • Run the diagnosis for the problems
  • Tracks the performance management system
  • Disaster recovery

Reasons to choose our service are listed below:

  • We monitor the data constantly
  • We have certified IT professionals
  • We provide low cost server management services
  • We help our clients in increasing the performance management.
  • Enhance the security of the data on the server.

Desktop Management

Desktop management is known as the comprehensive approach to managing all the desktops in an organization. Apart from its name, this service includes overseeing all the desktops, laptops and their other components. The desktop management service is the interface in the framework of the company that manages and keeps the track of all the hardware and software components from a centrally located system. The DMI was invented by Desktop Management Task Force to automate the management systems in such ways to benefit the environment of the network in a workplace.

Benefits of desktop management:

And below are the reasons as to why you should choose VertexPlus over others:

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