Smart Workplace

There are 4 basic principles that steer a smart workplace. VertexPlus has powered its workplace in order to turn it into a powerful and innovative place to work. This up gradation has created solutions that can calculate the true value of the well-organized environment of the workplace. These principles are as follows:

Innovation after anticipation.

Availability of tools and services anytime and anywhere.

Have a design that is user-centric

Always keep a broader way of thinking and apply it in your business and work place.

A smart workplace will help the organization to create a digital working environment with end-user productivity and ultimately leading to swelling of the revenue.

Cloud Workplace

People have become more mobile and global to obtain access to information quick and simple and getting work done with in the field or at the office workplace. The emergence of the new generations of connected workforce is radically altering the shape of future workforce. Access to anything anywhere necessitates the use of cloud to host as much as possible stuff on cloud. Many industries that are ahead in the game are seeing real returns from investments in digital technologies.

System Integration

Fruitfully using the emerging technologies is not just one thing but using it in the right way is a necessary aspect of upgrading the working environment. But this can only be possible after the staff members overcome all the complex challenges and integrate them. This should be done with all the resources including, clients, suppliers, any partners, and locally in the firm. We at VertexPlus provide a complete range of services that are necessary for a firm to function in a systematic and smooth way. The benefits of system integration are:

To achieve more business in a better way by analyzing the technology in the firm as well as the hot technologies in the market.

Using the API management system to monetize more solutions for assets of enterprise.

To meet all the business requirements the system integration can help in implementing various solutions.

Enhance the performance and stabilize the working environment to get more revenue.

Data Center

An IT firm is based on the data it collects. And data center is the facility where all the equipment and IT as operations are stored. It helps in centralizing the data and helps in storing, managing, and using the data whenever needed. For having a break free and continuous flow of data, the data center is used. It houses the most critical and vital information. The vital elements of data center are:

  • Infrastructure
  • The facilities
  • The equipment
  • The staff members

Although the designs of the data center is always unique but mostly people classify it as internet-facing data center.

Network and Security Center

Network and security are two key aspects of a firm. Both of them work hand in hand and are equally important for a firm. It is an activity that help to protect the integrity and usability of all the data stored in the data center. It helps the organization in transforming into a complete digital company and utilizing all its resources to the fullest. The digital security keep the company away from hackers and virus and also protects the complete data from malwares.

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