Market Research

One of the best and important parts about the user experience engineering is the development process. Market Research has become an important part of today’s business world. It is a process of gathering all the useful information about needs, demands, and preferences of the customers in the market. This gives the organizations a way to think and redesign their policies if needed. It also helps in determining the need of a product or a service in the market. It helps firms in understanding the habits of their targeted audience. Digital marketing is a method by which one can easily make out the situation of the market and work accordingly. This not just gives insight to the organization but also helps them to precisely work for their first step in getting a better business which is market research. Door to door market research use to be so time consuming and is now completely outdated. This procedure has been replaced by internet surveys which includes mobile as well as desktop’s usage. Digital Marketing helps in promoting brands as well as the services of a particular firm.

Brand Strategy

A brand is not just a logo, slogan or a name. It is always more than that. It is the relationship that one’s company has with its customers. It is the entire experience of gaining the market to establishing themselves as a giant in the market. It is a reputation, value of products and services that customers have in their minds. To get all this on the same page and in the good books, an organization needs to spend on useful resources and strategy everything. Strategy and planning are 2 things that an organization has too keep doing firstly to adjust in the environment and secondly to keep the grasp on the market. All these things, the slogan, name, colors, logos you use to define your firm in the market has some responsibilities. All of that includes:

  • 1

    The messages that they convey.

  • 2

    The image they portray.

  • 3

    Ways by which the employees interact with their customers.

  • 4

    What does a customer think about your rivals in the market?

All these things help the staff members of the management to strategize and execute the plans for the betterment of the firm.

Social Analytics

Many organizations do think about having better designing solutions for their firms. This is also often Now every organization has to be social active. It is said by a wise man that one needs to adapt to the surround. “Survival of the fittest”. In this era, to make your organization a big hit, one needs to be active on social media website. Social media is a big pool of wealth. All you need to do is dig it out the best possible way. But doing something blindly is always going to fetch minimum to low results. So, instead of taking random works, one needs to constantly keep a check on everything. Most of the marketers know the importance of analysis and tools to do so. Be it checking the tweets, traffic on Facebook, traffic on the website or any number of things that are tailing the list. Due to the abrupt growth in the social media market, the number of tools that are available in for analyzing the efforts of the marketing team on social media websites have increased a lot. There was a time when one could have easily counted the tools and sites on their fingers but that’s not the case at the moment. The scenario has changed drastically. If we are taking today’s world as an account then we can randomly say that there are new tools released each day. Most of these tools are available free of cost in the market and some charge a small amount of money. But then the biggest question remains that which one of those are the best. Which one of these will give us the benefits that we want? Listed below are a few tools that we at VertexPlus use to keep a track on our client’s social sites:






Sprout Social




Google Analytics

Digital Marketing

Does this sound familiar? Obviously, it is the need of the hour for every organization in order to boom in the market. Digital marketing is nothing but the way of advertising through all the digital channels possible. Be it twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, emails or any other means possible. Mostly, digital marketing is the way to optimize the content of the company or we can say that SEO is the process by which the content is optimized so that things could work effectively. SEO not just optimizes the content, it also gives the technical support and reach out to the websites and the pages of the company. This all is done so that all the useful pages of the firm rank at the top position on the Google, which will in return bring business to the company. SEO is not done on the complete content but focuses on specific words that are known as key words. Because what the ultimate goal of any organization is to attract more and more customers to get more and more profit. This in return increases the business of the organization.

Digital Content Strategy

Many organizations do think about having better designing solutions for their firms. This is also often Content has become a very important part of a business firm. What you write is published on the web page of your organization. And what is published on the web page is the face of the organization. In another words we can say that content is the king of business. Rest lies behind it. The crisp your content will be, the more impact it will create in the mind of your clients. A well, refined content is the catalyst that drives the digital marketing of any firm. And the key factors are:

For the modern SEO it has become the key pillar.

It is the best way that will help you to get notices on the internet.

It adds value to your services and products.

It gives an idea to your client about your work.

Campaign Design

Campaign design is evenly important as of the SEO. It helps the organization to set goals. Like defining the business, missions to accomplish and revenue status. It is always important to analyze things and it becomes many folds better when you have a past to realize from. It is better because now you would not have to go into the planning procedure from scratch. Instead you can just refine things by learning from the mistakes of your past. Analyze the success as well as the failures of your digital marketing strategies from your past and try improving them. This will increase the efficiency of the firm and make decision more effective than ever before. But one should keep it to the experts on the ways to analyze and take better decisions. We at VertexPlus help our clients regularly in not just strategizing the plans but also executing them by learning from the past.

Digital Content Development

Many organizations do think about having better designing solutions for their firms. This is also often Digital content development or digital content creation is a key factor of digital strategy. Every bit of content created in the organization can work as a weapon in enhancing the results and revenues generated in the firm. This is the reason as to why the content should be created with very caution. The content will also become the face of the organization as the client will always get steered if the content is good. Firstly, the organization needs to identify their targeted audience and also their needs. After this comes a few steps that can be taken for making a better content. It includes:

The organization should not write anything purposelessly. Everything needs to be well refined and should determine the purpose of the firm. Different flair of writing serves different purposes. One needs to be very clear in writing an efficient content.

Creating a content is one thing. But creating a useful as well as a quality content is very much necessary. Moreover, when it comes to digital content creation, one needs to be précised and crisp

After the creation of the content, the next step to be taken is the promotion of the content. This is done by the digital marketing team of the firm.

During the promotion period, the firm can also take in use some effective pictures and multimedia. This helps in catching a few more eyes and making them interested in your brand.

Now to rank the content and get business through it. The organization needs to be very careful in using the most powerful tool of the organization which is the SEO. Implementing the Search Engine Optimization fetches valuable customers.

The later part is not to be neglected and includes tracking and analyzing the content. Once creation and optimization are done effectively. Tracking becomes necessary.

Omni Channel Marketing

Brands wants to connect with customers seamlessly across multiple channels in real-time. To meet customer expectations, modern brands must structure a skill to grasp and interact flawlessly through their customers' preferred channels. This requiresanalyzing every customer interaction in order to recommend the next action to fulfil customer's need and brand’s business objectives. Omni-channel marketing, sometimes confused with multi-channel marketing, carries integrated communications approach across digital and traditional channels to reach new customers and create a unified customer experience.

Paid Advertisement

As the name suggests. Paid advertisement is any kind of advertisement that includes paying the price of the content. In this the owner of the content/ organization pays an amount to the owner of the ad space in exchange of the space. There are several categories under which these payments are determined, such as PPC which means Pay Per Click and PPI which means Pay Per Impression.

App Marketing

The evolution of web in to app has created a lot of turbulence in the market. Each and every organization is creating their apps in order to reach to the maximum number of people in less amount of time. These applications can be accessed in the mobile and does not need the usage of laptops or desktops. In recent times, to get a better impression in the market, many companies have come under the influence of creating an attractive application for smartphones. This helps the organization to get inside the heads of their clients, even when they are on the go.

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis helps review and predict the future patterns, behavior and performance of digital media activities, based on historical data sets. It’s a process to look at the current trends and make a comparative analysis to support business decision-making. Monitoring and analyzing trends in real-time is a valuable tool to anticipate changes, take necessary steps to remain at the forefront of business and competition.

Customer Journey Mapping

Using customer persona and creating customer journey maps is a popular approach to review and improve digital experiences in conjunction with conversion rate optimization to boost online leads and sales. Customer journey map is simply a diagram that illustrates the stages customer goes through while engaging with your company whether it’s about product, experience, service or combination of these. The more touchpoints a company has for customers, the more essential it becomes to create customer maps. It provides insights into the customer's journey and representative of a typical experience. In fact, customer journey maps are much like personas. The difference is that Customer Journey Mapping focus more on tasks and questions. They also prompts the customer’s experience over time, rather than as a snapshot. The two work well together as a persona focuses on the person, while a customer journey map focuses on their experience.

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