Human Resource Outsourcing

Employees performance with agility empowers organizations with a competitive edge.

But how do you gain strategic advantages and avoid potential pitfalls of HR outsourcing when the DNA of human resources in these competitive times is changed and so is business and technology landscape?

Having the right pool of employees is a big challenge for every company. Vertexplus can help you achieve business outcomes through tailored human resource solutions. Our highly experienced professionals can create an HR strategy that is closely integrated with your business while delivering high-value talent and HR services. We can also help in designing and implementing HR model that can be supportive in driving leading practices and operational excellence across talent and HR processes. We ensure this by bringing into line these processes to the HR operating model and the core HR technology architecture. We follow our HR outsourcing functions strategically and follow several steps towards providing the best quality service to you, such as:

  • Discovering and breaking new sources of talent.
  • Build an adaptive and empowered culture.
  • Applying science and fact-based analytics.
  • Developing a learning organization.
  • Redefining jobs and career paths to foster internal and external worker mobility.

With our dedicated service, we strive hard to improve our clients’ HR capabilities and their ability to deliver predictable, high-quality services.

Benefits of HR outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO gives a systematic approach to build and manage talent in your organization.

Choosing a right fit RPO provider, one who understands your organization’s culture, values and hiring goals carries enormous benefits.

RPO is where an employer transfers part of its recruitment processes to an external provider and manage the entire recruiting process RPO can also serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department. Thus, RPO services are not outsourcing in the traditional sense. As against the normal recruiting, working with an RPO provider is much more consultative and customizable.


  • Cost Reduction

  • Stronger Quality of hires

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Reduced Time to Hire

  • Reduces the Need for Advertising

Customer Service Outsourcing

Delivering Omni-channel experience to your customers.

Customer satisfaction is the primary tool for the growth of your business, and we ensure the same with our outstanding customer service outsourcing solution.

Customer Service is a set of tool that is utilized to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer Service helps to resolve a customer’s challenges, questions, concerns, etc. relating to a service or product. Outsourcing customer services which act as a center to receive the calls/emails from the customers and to call /email the customers for various technical support for the business. Customer service professionals work closely with clients to deliver an Omni-channel experience for customers. Calls/emails interactions associated with customers are stored in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enable customer concerns to be resolved quickly.

Key Characteristics of good customer service

Product Awareness

Knowledge of the company products for providing strong customer service.


Greet people with politeness can make a big difference and for any customer service position, friendly and positive attitude is important.


Customers value a prompt response.


Good customer service is fixing problems and answering questions.


  • Cost Saving

  • Competitive advantage

  • Customer loyalty

  • Focus on Success

Finance and Accounting

A smart strategy to modify your existing operating models.

Gain core competence and enhance processes as well as technologies with our service to ease up the tension of managing the processes, analytics, technology or even personnel.

At present, the scope of finance and accounting is not limited to cost reduction, but it also focuses on creating new revenue streams. Thus, leading organizations are outsourcing this service as a strategy to change their operating models. This helps them gain their business core competence while addressing the multiple verticals of a process, analytics, technology, guided by operating excellence frameworks and benchmarks. Moreover, it enhances processes and technologies, and results in stronger compliance measures, that too at a reduced cost. Plus, it alleviates the unnecessary headache of hiring, training and maintaining accounting staff.

VertexPlus Finance & Accounting BPO services enables your business to enhance its operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes. We offer end-to-end functions of accounting that will enable organizations to scale resources up and down.

  • Outsourcing Enables Strategic Redeployment of Staff
  • Ensures Daily Monitoring of Accounting Rules and Implementation
  • Companies get the Best Accounting Heads on the Job
  • Companies can benefit from Advanced Technological Know-how
  • Outsourcing Services Protects Companies in Times of Difficult Economic Situations:
  • Companies Benefit from Flexibility and Scalability
  • Stringent Attention to Security and Confidentiality Ensures Business Confidence

Outsourced Content Processing

Step up in the game of creating digital presence.

In today’s scenario, content processing is one of the key factors that can help you engage and narrate the brand value as you want.

Many business organizations who perform online marketing operations struggle to create high-quality content consistently. But that should not hamper their operations. Thus, it’s wise to outsource content from experts. It’s a great solution for business to business (B2B) marketers across the spectrum. Outsourcing content creation to devoted writers agrees for steady, premium quality publishing, renewed perspectives, insight into best practices, and improved leveraging of resources. And not to mention the ability to pause or stop based on your satisfaction, results and available funds.


  • Saving cost and time on employee’s benefits and turnarounds

  • Taking advantage of others’ expertise.

  • Introduction of best practices, standardization, and consistency.

  • Strengthen content marketing strategy

  • Gaining a trusted content marketing partner

  • Share And Promote Your Content With Greater Reach.

  • Create A Wide Range Of Content Types.

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